UFC Paying Dillashaw Huge Money To Permanantly Erase Flyweight Division

Reigning UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw will drop down to flyweight to take his shot at the title against the division’s champion Henry Cejudo at UFC 233 on January in California. 

Just a few days back, reports started circulating on the promotion’s plan to scrap the entire flyweight division and its fighters. Now, the “Viper” revealed the UFC actually offered him a great deal to defeat “The Messenger” for the flyweight belt first thing next year.

In a recent interview on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, the 32-year-old bantamweight said the 125-pound weight class won’t be done until he fights Cejudo. Defeating the current titleholder will be a finishing act to put the flyweight division out to pasture.

“UFC wants to get rid of the division and they hired me to go down and close it and get another belt in the process. It’s a win-win for me, man. They are paying me a fuck load of money to kill the 125 division and collect the second belt. It’s game time.”


Best Fighter on Earth

Cejudo, on the other hand, is eyeing an immediate rematch against Dillashaw for his 135-pound strap once he gets defeated in Anaheim, California. For the bantamweight, it’s simply not an option since his rival, as he says, will have nothing to offer him come fight night.

In fact, the native of Angels Camp, California says he wants Cejudo to bring his Olympic gold medal with him to Anaheim. Once the latter gets beaten at his own game, Dillashaw wants to take home the medal as well.

“I just want to continue to grow my legacy, as I believe I’m the best fighter on earth right now. By doing what I am doing right now I am going to be able to prove it. To be able to have a belt in both weight classes, he said.”

“Of course, I am disappointed I didn’t get to fight Demetrious Johnson (because of this), but now I get to beat a gold medalist. I am going to beat him at his own game, too. I will go out there and I will wrestle him. So he should bring that gold medal to the Octagon so I can take his belt and his gold medal.”

ONE Championship seems to be more than willing to pay boatloads of cash to acquire new flyweights from the UFC. If Cejudo loses his UFC 233 fight and gets no rematch, he could look for a way out of his commitments with the promotion and bolt to ONE.

Apparently, the UFC is also willing to pay cash just to get rid of the 125-pound weight class.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tj Dillashaw and Instagram/Henry Cejudo

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