UFC Fighters Respond To Ben Askren’s Warning

Ben Askren is already making his presence felt amid rumours that ONE Championship is in talks with the Ultimate Fighting Championship to acquire Demetrious Johnson in exchange of its former star.

‘Funky’, who has been itching to compete in the UFC for the past years, set some of the promotion’s current stars on fire as he blasted them on Twitter on the same day the news about the potential trade broke out.


Funky Ben Being Funky

The MMA world was stunned on Wednesday after multiple reports loomed that two of the biggest mixed martial arts companies are close to reaching an unprecedented swap featuring the undefeated ex-Bellator champion Askren and former UFC flyweight kingpin Johnson.

If the deal goes through, ‘Funky Ben’ will finally set foot in the UFC cage while ‘Mighty Mouse,’ who is considered to be one of MMA’s greatest fighters, will be heading to the Singapore based promotion, where former UFC star Eddie Alvarez recently signed a lucrative contract.

Askren looks to be enjoying the spotlight. On the same day the trade rumours broke out, he wasted no time in firing some shots to his potential opponents in the UFC welterweight division.

First Warning

Then he called out the entire welterweight division

Askren got more specific as he threw barbs to Jorge Masvidal

Darren Till

Mike Perry

And Colby Covington

He also called out UFC fighters in other division such as the Diaz Brothers and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The undefeated Bellator and ONE welterweight champion succeeded in getting into these fighters’ nerves. But so far it was only Masvidal, Till, Perry, and Jouban who responded to his barbs.

Masvidal warned Ben that his ‘day is coming’

While the British fighter, Till, wants to knock his curly hair

Jouban has a good reminder

Ben is close to making it to the promotion and it looks like he is now ready to become the biggest villain in the UFC.

(Featured Image Source: The Fight Nation/YouTube, MMAFightingOnSBN/YouTube and MMAjunkie/YouTube)

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