Cris Cyborg Issues First Statement Since Getting Knocked Out By Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes made herself the first female fighter to hold two UFC belts simultaneously after seizing the featherweight title from Cris Cyborg in the


Nunes only needed 51 seconds after the opening bell to demolish the most 

The 30-year-old UFC 

Cyborg hadn’t tasted defeat since 2005. After failing to defend her title from Nunes, the American-Brazilian champion humbly accepted the loss, saying it simply isn’t her day despite sweating her heart out at training.

It Happens

During the post-fight press conference, the former female champion stated:

“When I did my first MMA fight, I lost my first fight. I trained three months to six months, I think. I trained MMA, I did my first fight and I lost. And after this day, I trained harder. It’s like 13 years in the feeling.”

“And I never said I’m going to be invincible, I never said that I’m never going to lose. I just worked hard and I did everything for the strength for this fight. I trained hard, I did everything I could, my team did everything.”

“And if it happens today is not my day, I lost. It happens in the fight (it’s a) game. It’s not the first time you’re gonna lose, it’s not the last time you’re gonna lose, it happens.” 

“This is a sport. Of course, I’m not happy. Of course, I had my heart broke, but I didn’t cry and I’m not gonna cry because I did everything and trained really hard. And if today is Amanda’s day, and she did her best, she won. I’m just gonna go back to my gym and train harder and come back.” 

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/UFC and Twitter/UFC

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