The Moment Fans Realized Tyson Fury Might Be In Deontay Wilder’s Head

We all know how every boxing match gets promoted with pre-fight trash talks until one of them proves himself right after seizing the win. 

The upcoming heavyweight bout between WBC champ Deontay Wilder and the undefeated Tyson Fury isn’t immune to this manner of publicity. Ever since the matchup was announced, the fighters haven’t stopped trying to intimidate each other to gain the dominant spotlight.

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Inside Wilder’s Head

Los Angeles’ Staples Centre will host the phenomenal bout on December 1, but Fury says he’s living rent-free inside Wilder’s head as early as now. The self-styled ‘Gypsy King’ cries unimpressed on his opponent’s flawless record.

Talking to BT Sport, Fury taunted the ‘Bronze Bomber’ in his face with a fiery, unstoppable statement. The English heavyweight detailed how he’s confident to take advantage of every weakness he claims his rival to possess.

“And when you feel 19, 18 stone on the jaw, and you will feel it sooner or later — your defence is quite leaky. You throw wild punches, you’re eager to land…”

“I’ll tag you and when I tag you it’s over. I’m not 40 years old like Luis Ortiz. When I get you going I will jump on you and get you out of there for sure.”


Fury stressed how he will deny all of Wilder’s punches and show him a heavyweight version of Floyd Mayweather’s defence.

“And when you start swinging, that’s welcome to my world, Christmas comes early. Them big swings have got the Floyd Mayweather heavyweight defence. No one can land a swing on me.”

“Nobody from any direction, up and coming round the corner, I see them all. So unless you’re going to bring something I’ve not seen before, which is very unlikely because I’ve watched all your fights and I know what you do.”

“You look for them big wild punches then you can’t beat me. You haven’t got a prayer!”

In a heated confrontation in August, the heavy hitter also didn’t hold back in belittling Fury’s boxing titles.

“It is one thing that Tyson Fury has never had.  If he ever thinks about having this belt, he better wake up and apologise to me because he’ll never have this.”

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