Tyson Fury Challenged Anthony Joshua To Street Fight: “His A** Was Flapping”

The Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury fight will happen… only if the latter beats Deontay Wilder in December. 

In a different adjunct, former unified world champion Fury doled out how he previously challenged Joshua to a bare-knuckled street fight. On a recent interview, the ‘Gypsy King’ narrated the summon and why it didn’t come to life.

Tyson Fury Challenged Anthony Joshua To Street Fight: "His A** Was Flapping"
Source: Instagram/Tyson Fury

Started Flapping 

Recalling the incident with his countryman, Fury told Showtime Boxing:

“He seems pretty spirited doesn’t he?”

“But when I stood face-to-face to him and said, ‘Do you want to get outside?’ His a*** started flapping.”

“He s*** himself.”

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If I can comeback from this, then I can do anything.!

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Prepared For a Street Fight 

Though Fury did not draw a picture of the exact juncture, he never failed to stress how prepared he is to hammer his opponent outside the ring. For the pride of Manchester, a man should accept the kind of challenge he threw at Joshua’s face.

Continuing, the unified king of heavyweight claimed:

“It doesn’t matter what weight I was at the time, I wasn’t in shape, but I’d have took him outside and kicked his c*** right in for him.

“If a man said that to me – I don’t care if I was unfit or not – he’d be outside and punches. We’d have had to have a fight. Simple.”

“But I said that to him and he didn’t want to know.”


Amateur Boxer 

At the moment, Fury is training in California ahead of his dance with WBC world champion Wilder on the first day of December. Aside from the street fight challenge, Fury recalled a sparring session with Joshua away back.

“We’ve had a spar before, amateur boxer he was at the time, he had a good couple of rounds then I started hitting him round the body.”

“He was like this, lifting his legs up in the corner, there were 10 people in the gym who saw it.

“I’m there with my hands down, he’s coming forward with big swings, how’s he going to hit me? I said go on then, put one on me, I’ll stand still.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tyson Fury and Instagram/Anthony Joshua

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