Tyson Fury Issues First Statement After Controversial Wilder Decision

Tyson Fury was almost in the finish line when Deontay Wilder connected with a powerful punch that gave him his second knockdown in their heavyweight title clash, Saturday night, at Staples Arena in Los Angeles. 

However, two knockdowns won’t win you a fight. This is why many fans believed that ‘The Gypsy King’ was the clear winner of this highly-anticipated showdown after he showed his dominance over Wilder in almost the entire match. But for the 30-year-old Briton, there is no point in complaining about the questionable outcome of their fight.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder Split Draw

Fury challenged Wilder for the WBC heavyweight strap in a fight considered by fans and pundits as the biggest acid test to his boxing career. Fresh from scoring two victories, ‘The Gypsy King’ looked to prove that he can overcome a big storm that was Wilder since he returned to the ring after over two years of layoff. Fury was confident that he will come out on top and even promised to defeat the American champ with a knockout.

He had predicted a boxing masterclass against Deontay Wilder, and for most of the fight this prediction rang true. As Wilder attempted to land his bombs, Fury weaved his way around the power and simply outclassed the WBC champion.

Come Saturday, there were no knockouts delivered from either boxer but he managed to counter Deontay’s firepower with his technique. The fight was convincingly dominated by Fury only to be declared as a split draw.

Just like many boxing fans, Fury believed that the fight should have gone his way and expressed his disappointment over the British judge who scored 113-apiece.

I’m on away soil, but what disappoints me was the British judge. Dunno what fight he was watching. Many men wouldn’t have gotten up from that punch, but I did. I felt I should have won the fight, but I’m not going to sit here and complain. God bless Deontay Wilder.”

“100 per cent, we’ll do it. I would love for it to be my next fight. Why not? Let’s give the fans what they want to see. It was a great fight and let’s do it again. It doesn’t matter to me where we do it.”

We're LIVE in LA for the Wilder Fury Post-Fight Press Conference w/ BetFred…

We're LIVE in LA for the Wilder Fury Post-Fight Press Conference w/ BetFred…

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All class from The Gypsy King, who has more than enough grounds to be angered by the decision. Unfortunately, this is boxing for you, somebody has to make money. For that to be the case, there will “allegedly” be certain levels of corruption at some stage. Sadly, as we have seen many times in the past, boxing faces criticism today, or at least the judges do.

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