Tyson Fury: I Was In My Car Doing 190 MPH…I Was Going To End My Life

Depression knows no title, even the man who was just hailed as the heavyweight champion of the world can suffer the void. 

In a daring interview with UFC commentator Joe Rogan, the boxing legend revealed what lies beneath his skin in the past years. Fury opened up on the darkest corners of his career, enduring depression and the attempt to end his own life.

The English heavyweight rose to prominence in the boxing monarchy when he took down Wladimir Klitschko and claimed the unified WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight belt in 2015. He was in his twenties when the Manchester pride dominated the heavyweight division.

Tyson Fury: I Was In My Car Doing 190 MPH...I Was Going To End My Life
Source: Youtube/ Roger Erni

Momentous Win 

Fury historically ended the Ukrainian legend’s 10-year reign on top of the heavyweight pyramid. However, the pinnacle of Fury’s career at 27 was also the time he submerged into a period of depression.

Just when everyone thought he’s having the time of his life for claiming the championship, it was the moment he said he was ready to die. Sharing the details on the interview, he said:

“It wasn’t until after the Klitschko fight — a very massive high — that I had to avert to an even worse low. The lowest low that anyone could ever have.”

“I’d wake up and think, ‘Why did I wake up this morning?’ And this is coming from a man who won everything. Money, fame, glory, titles, a wife, family and kids — everything.”

“But I felt as if I had nothing, a gaping hole that was just filled with gloom and doom.”


Losing the Desire to Fight 

While battling depression, Fury was also stripped of his IBF belt seven days after winning, due to a rematch clause with Klitschko. He claimed the federation wasn’t expecting his triumph and removed him for refusing to negotiate a mandatory fight with challenger Vyacheslav Glazkov.

Fury also touched on how he tried to escape the empty feeling of having everything, including taking his own life.

“I hit the drugs. I was out with women of the night and not coming home. I didn’t care about boxing or living, I just wanted to die. “

“I would start thinking these crazy thoughts. I bought a brand new Ferrari convertible in the summer of 2016. I was in it on the highway, and at the bottom, I got the car up to 190mp/h (305km/h) and heading towards a bridge.

“I didn’t care about nothing; I just wanted to die so bad. I gave up on life but as I was heading to the bridge. I heard a voice saying, ‘No, don’t do this Tyson, think about your kids, your family, your sons and daughter growing up without a dad.’

“Before I turned into the bridge I pulled onto the motorway. I didn’t know what to do; I was shaking, I was so afraid. I said I’d never think about taking my own life again.”

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Joe Rogan and Youtube/Reznick

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