Billy Joe Saunders Bets £70,000 On Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder

Billy Joe Saunders’ confidence in his training partner is sky-high, rooting for Tyson Fury with $70,000 at stake. 

 He surely has a lot of well-wishers, but Saunders is bringing his support to a higher level of trust and gambling.




Fury is the underdog his fight against Wilder — but many in the boxing world think he holds more chances on the gold. And Saunders is more than confident to place a mega stake in the outcome of his mate’s bout.

Documenting his thriftless Ladbrokes bet on an Instagram post, the former WBO middleweight champion wrote: “Let’s go champ.”

£70,000 At Stake

In the video, Saunders initially picked up a Ladbrokes betting slip showing a £20,000 stake on a Fury win at odds of 11/8. If you think that amount is eye-watering enough, he picked up another slip showing a £50,000 bet, a total of £70,000 at stake.

If the ‘Gypsy King’ takes home the belt, the former Olympian will bank a staggering £166,250. He said he owes the staff member a drink if he bags this amount upon his training partner’s victory.

Saunders isn’t the only big name in the sport who confidently thinks Fury will have the belt on his waist at the end of the match — boxing legend Mike Tyson does too.

‘Iron Mike’ stated: “Although Wilder’s punch is strong, nothing can compare to the mental strength Fury has shown both in and out of the ring. It’ll be a close call, but I think Fury’s got a true fighting chance.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Billy Joe Saunders and Instagram/Tyson Fury

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