WATCH: Tyson Fury Reacts To Entire 12th Round Against Deontay Wilder For First Time

    Despite suffering two knockdowns, many believed that Tyson Fury outboxed Deontay Wilder at their blockbuster heavyweight showdown on December 1, including the ‘Gypsy King’ himself. 

    The Fury vs Wilder fight is probably the most exciting boxing match of 2018, and the bout’s 12th round is arguably the most thrilling. Following the controversial draw, the lineal heavyweight champion broke his silence to react on the phenomenal last round.

    American Dream


    The lineal heavyweight champion seemed to be in control afterwards but a second knockdown in the final round boosted the WBC champ’s chances. o everyone’s surprise, Fury rose back from the dead and finished the fight. 

    Talking to BT Sport, Fury revealed his plans on the last round, saying he actually wanted to put on a show.

    “I got a bit too greedy and tried knocking him out in the 12th round.”

    “I should have just boxed on my toes around the ring, but I wanted to put on a show, and put the closing end on the American Dream. I tried knocking him out and hit him with a fantastic right hand before he dropped me.” 

    Bang Bang

    Continuing, Fury pointed the exact moment Wilder connected with that powerful right and left combo.

    “There, bang bang! Wilder is celebrating like it’s over but The Gypsy King gets up – look how strong the legs are. He (the ref) said ‘move to the left, right, go that way’. I said ‘I’m fine,’ and I was.”

    “He came rushing forward again and in this round, I hit him with the best right-hand anyone has ever thrown. I was taunting him, hands behind the back. He was as tired as I was but I do get him with a good right hand.”

    “How did I get up from a knockdown like that, to be as crazy as that. He knew he’d lost the fight. He didn’t do anything. I was running around, hands up. I knew I won the fight.”

    Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tyson Fury and Youtube/BT Sport

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