Two Young Men Trash Talk the Wrong Grandpa, End Up Knocked Out

    Two Young Men Trash Talk the Wrong Grandpa, End Up Knocked Out
    Some people get so spiced up with their youth and strength that they forgot to show some respect to the elderly. (Photo: Reddit)

    When you get what you deserve 

    It was a bad try for two (supposedly) young men who seemed to have trash-talked the wrong grandpa, knocking them out with a single punch each, sending them to sleep.

    Justice apparently went on its proper way for these young dudes. Though the video doesn’t necessarily suggest who’s on the more reasonable side of the altercation, nor show what happened prior to it, it’s still wrong to disrespect an old man.

    Going back to the scenario, the bigger bloke holding a plastic bag of beer is having a go with an older man outside a convenience store. Grandpa is standing there all nice and cool while the aggressive guy seemed to be raising his voice on him.

    Then just as anyone who’s had enough bad-mouth, the old man’s patience dropped, pushing the big talking dude away from his face. His cohort from the convenience store door immediately came into the rescue, but it’s apparently his worst choice since the start of the scene.

    Two Young Men Trash Talk the Wrong Grandpa, End Up Knocked Out
    That is one swift move right there! (Photo: Youtube)

    And in an eye bat, there the old man is, hitting perfectly! In one swift punch on the face, one of the disrespectful dudes slept on the street. Just when the first bloke reached the floor, in comes the other guy striking a powerful right.

    It’s a strong and fast punch too, but unfortunately, it didn’t land.

    Again, that is one amazing defence on your part Mr old man! He takes a complete swing and fired back with another mighty jab, sending him to sleep as well.

    Two Young Men Trash Talk the Wrong Grandpa, End Up Knocked Out
    What’s with this oldie sending youngsters to sleep? (Photo: Reddit)

    There the footage goes, ending in another swift punch. He only struck his clenched fist once for each, but they’re as a powerful world boxer’s punches. That leads us to think, is grandpa somewhat of a boxing athlete or an MMA fighter?

    Watch this footage below for your own judgement!

    Video ends with a punch and a lesson

    As it turns out, the KO champ is believed to be a boxing coach. Well, it just goes to show that you’ll never know what the old dog’s got hiding in the kennel. It’s as if he’s teaching us a lesson to never attack anyone (verbally or physically) who’s tasted more of life than we did.

    At the end of the day, no matter how weak or strong an aged person is, we are in no place to disrespect.

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