Trash-talking Dude Gets Knocked Out with a Single Blow

    Trash-talking Dude Gets Knocked Out with a Single Blow
    Somebody is looking for a little bit of body pain. (Photo: World Star HipHop/Youtube)

    Gang war approaching

    In the past featured street fights of people getting knocked out, videos usually have low resolutions and are shaky. This one may be a bit of a headache as well, but the highlight was filmed satisfyingly well.

    It was a normal day at the beach when an apparently big-mouthed, trash-talking group of gangsters took a disliking to another set of blokes. A seemingly drunk dude on a white shirt is obviously looking for trouble, and his group aren’t leaving until they achieved so.

    The footage opens a little early in the scenario. Moments after, you can hear the two groups confronting each other. One guy on the allegedly-assailed team is narrating the plot.

    “They followed us from the beach, right. And then they waited ’til all my niggas got on the roller coaster and tried to press me. And now he’s mad cause I won’t fight.”

    Another member of his group continued throwing bad mouths against the man in white who seems to be the other group’s alpha male.

    But in life, persistence and hard work pay off. So after the group’s repeated returns to the other, attempting to the provoke them more, the guy in white finally gets what he’s asking for.

    This glass-jawed bloke was knocked out after one of the American black guys punched him right in the kisser. His cockiness has gotten well in the way that instead of preparing for a strike, he was caught off-guard.

    Trash-talking Dude Gets Knocked Out with a Single Blow
    He looks cute with the tongue out. (Photo: World Star HipHop/Youtube)

    Got what he asked for

    The high frame-rate footage catches his ruined face before his head spun around and approached the floor. He laid on the floor without complete consciousness.

    As if dropping the bomb that signalled the war, the rest of the gang entered an all-in brawl against each other. All this happened while the previously-alpha male is gloriously sleeping on the floor.

    While the cameraman is masterfully capturing the gang war, members were randomly punching and grappling guys from the other group. The footage ended at the frame where the unconscious ‘douche’ was lying alone on the ground.

    Trash-talking Dude Gets Knocked Out with a Single Blow
    Sound, sound sleep. (Photo: World Star HipHop/Youtube)

    Wait, that’s false information. It actually ended with him receiving another quick kick on the face while his eyes are still turning. His men also tried to wake him up while dragging him and backing away from the group they initially challenged.

    Watch how this jerk went to sleep in broad daylight:

    I can’t agree more; this is indeed one satisfying video to watch. Real life villain who got what he deserved. At this specific moment, at least.

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