BREAKING: Tommy Fury Wins Professional Boxing Debut & Twitter Reacts


BREAKING: Tommy Fury Wins Professional Boxing Debut & Twitter Reacts
Tommy Fury, the younger brother of lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury made his professional boxing debut this evening…

One of boxing’s biggest current names, Tyson Fury, lit up the world with his title fight against Deontay Wilder earlier this month. Now, his younger brother Tommy Fury is looking to make his impact on the boxing scene…

Tommy Fury, the younger brother of Tyson Fury, faced journeyman Jevgenijs Andrejevs on the blockbuster Warrington vs. Frampton card tonight. Fury, sporting a 12-0 amateur record, was facing a far more experienced pro in his debut tonight.

That said, Andrejevs had lost 102 of his 116 professional fights. Check out the Tommy Fury vs Jevgenijs Andrejevs round-by-round results courtesy of Jack De Menezes for The Independent, and the subsequent Twitter reactions:

BREAKING: Tommy Fury Wins Professional Boxing Debut & Twitter Reacts

Round two: Fury targets the body more in the second but gets a warning for a low one from referee Terry O’Connor. His trainer if the familiar face of Ricky Hatton, a former favourite in this neck of the woods, and he gives Fury the gee-up to kick on in the third. One late left hand to the head looked to do some damage on Andrejevs.

Round three: A second warning for Fury for a low blow earns himself a stern telling off from O’Connor and a final warning that another will not be tolerated. Andrejevs makes the most of the breather, but he’s wearing a barrage of power punches from Fury now and throwing little in return.
Round four: Fury presses on in the fourth and final round and throws a nice early combination that backs up his opponent onto the ropes. Andrejevs is simply looking to hold on in a bid to see the end, and while he’s wearing plenty of punches, they aren’t doing an awful lot of damage. It all comes to end with Fury looking the confortable winner, though one left-hand counter caught Fury towards the end of the round. I’ve got that 40-36 to Fury, but it’s over tot he judges…

Fury vs Andrejevs

Tommy Fury beats Jevgenijs Andrejevs by 40-36!

Twitter Reactions

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