Tyson Fury’s Younger Brother Makes His Professional Boxing Debut Tomorrow

    Another member of the illustrious Fury clan is set to make big waves in the boxing world as Tommy Fury, the younger brother of the lineal heavyweight champion, will make his professional debut this Saturday. 

    Tommy, who inked a promotional deal with promoter Frank Warren in November, is slated to take on his first professional boxing bout on December 22 in Manchester, England. At age 19, the light heavyweight followed the footsteps of his brother Tyson and cousin Hughie, who are both heavyweight champions.

    Turning Pro

    After 12 amateur fights, the 19-year-old boxer decided to turn pro as he felt that the point scoring, the head guards, and the big gloves were not for him. Tommy, who trained with Pat Barett in his amateur days, is now training under the tutelage of former boxing star Ricky Hatton for his professional career.

    “I had 12 amateur fights and won the North West title twice and then I went to the nationals and got to the final of that. In my last fight, I boxed a kid who had the British title belt and I boxed him in Yorkshire for it and never got it.”

    “I beat him on a unanimous and thought, I’ve had 12 and know what it is about if you can fight you can fight and there was no point hanging around because it is two completely different sports. Just because you are a good amateur doesn’t mean you will make a good pro.”

    Expectations are sky-high for the light-heavyweight boxer as his brother and cousin have already established a name in the sport. Tyson won the unified heavyweight title in 2015 while Hughie currently holds the British heavyweight strap. But Tommy stressed that he does not feel any pressure despite having some big shoes to fill as he wants to make his own name in the sport.

    “It’s My Turn”

    Tommy shared his excitement on his upcoming debut in the pro ranks as he will be fighting in front of his home fans in Manchester so he is expected to put on a good performance on Saturday night.

    “I just think it has come at the right time and I couldn’t be on a better show, so it has been worth the wait. It is all setting in now and it has been surreal taking it all in because it is the first of many. It is in my home town in front of my crowd and I can’t wait. All my friends and family are going to be there so I will have to put on a good show on the night.”

    The 19-year old light heavyweight also said that his time has now come after spending years of living behind his brother’s shadow. Now that he has got his turn, he vowed to make a good start as he believes that such opportunities are rare.

    “Looking back at it now over the years when Tyson and Hughie have been training. They’ve been getting all the coverage, doing the media workouts and doing the fighting – now it is my turn.
    Everyone has seen me lurking in the background for years wondering if I would ever get my shot.

    “Now it has come I’ve got to look forward to the moment, but it has come and I am going to take it with both hands because these opportunities don’t come along all the time. I’ve got the best start and I am going to make it a good one.”

    (Featured Image Source: Instagram/Tommy Fury and Twitter/Boxing Tribe UK)

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