TJ Dillashaw: I Am Better Than Henry Cejudo, He Didn’t Win

Henry Cejudo had the time of his life in Brooklyn on Saturday night after knocking out TJ Dillashaw 32 seconds to the opening round. However, a bitter bantamweight champ thinks he was stolen the chance and win he deserves. 

“The Viper” is the first UFC champion to go down a division and challenge another titleholder for a second belt. He made the biggest weight cut of his career to challenge Cejudo at 125 lbs, only to lose with a stoppage that was allegedly given too early.


Dillashaw challenged 

However, Cejudo spoiled the 32-year-old’s plan of being the third champ-champ and erasing the flyweight division after the fight ended a little more than half a minute in round one. Dillashaw turned his thumbs down at the result, believing that the fight was stopped too early.

At the post-fight press conference of Fight Night 134, the Angels Camp native thinks what really transpired was a robbery, having something you’ve worked hard for stolen from you.

“Sucks to have it stolen from me. I worked my butt off. I’m so much better than that. It would be nice to actually get the chance to show it. It’s a title fight, it’s a champ versus champ fight and you’re gonna stop the fight like that? I’m on a single leg.”

“He says, ‘Show me something.’ I said, ‘I’m OK.’ I’m on a single leg in a scramble, he stops punching, he’s defending a single leg and you’re gonna stop the fight? It’s just ridiculous, man. It’s pretty pathetic that I have better knowledge than that ref.”

Better Than Henry Cejudo

For this, Dillashaw also thinks the alleged ‘premature’ stoppage is not a victory to be proud of. The bantamweight champion is questioning his flyweight rival’s jubilee for a controversial win.

“As you can tell, I’m a little frustrated. This shit needs to happen again — at flyweight. This is bullshit. I worked my ass off 12 weeks to get here to have it stolen from me in 30 seconds.”

“How could you be that f*cking happy over that win?. Obviously, he did not lose his belt, he’s gonna feed his family, pay his bills. Good for him. Be happy, yes. But I wouldn’t be happy winning that way, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t call myself the champ-champ, I wouldn’t call myself the double champ winning that way.” 

“I am leaps and bounds better than Henry Cejudo. I greatly believe that. But unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to prove it.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Robert Horgan and Youtube/The Mac Life

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