The Ultimate “Then And Now” List Of Harry Potter’s Cast

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  1. The guy who played victor krum played a role in hostel 2. He gets eaten alive my a guy with a knife and a fork, also makes out with the main Charectors best friend.

  2. LORD Dumbledore?! Did a first grader write this? Should’ve just had the pictures and scrapped the horrible writing. Good God, Emily. Say it with me. SPELLCHECK.

  3. Where to begin with comments?? First of all, the grammar and syntax in this article is deplorable!! Secondly, how old is this writer to say that John Cleese is best known for his voice? Has this person never heard of Monty Python??? Third and finally, if you are going to present something like this on the web, do some research – others will know when you don’t! The writing does not do justice to the pictures…

  4. Okay, not well researched, imho. And the last comment regarding Daniel Radcliffe is rubbish. His career in film & stage has been very diverse since Harry Potter & he has received a lot of acclaim for various roles. So, the comment might be a personal opinion from the creator of this article, but it does not reflect reality. The same applies to some of the comments regarding other featured cast members. Imho… of course. 🙂

  5. Just cuz Frank Dillane hasn’t done big movies, doesn’t mean he’s not on tv. Hello Fear The Walking dead and Nick

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