The Biggest Wardrobe Mistakes We All Make

It’s true that we all make wardrobe mistakes from time to time, but the good news? They can be resolved one or another!

Badly Fitting Clothes

If you’re still holding on to those jeans you squeezed into one summer 11 years ago or your favorite sweater that shrank in the wash, it’s time to face facts – you probably won’t wear them again. We all promise ourselves we’ll lose a little more weight and the reality is, as we get older our body shape (and sadly, our metabolic speed) is bound to change. While it’s important to stay fit with regular exercise and a healthy diet, holding on to clothes that no longer fit us can be bad for our self-esteem, especially if fitting into something becomes an unattainable goal we never manage to achieve over the years. Better to dress for the body shape you have now and get rid of those poorly-fitting clothes. You can even earn a bit of money by selling them on an app such as Depop.

Overworn Shoes

We all have a pair of shoes that have seen us through thick and thin: comfortable, stylish and easy to throw on with any outfit. Over time, the shoes we wear the most start to look a little tired, but rather than throw them away, how can you save them? Firstly, look after the fabric. For cleaning suede, read more tips on our guide and invest in a reputable suede or leather cleaner to take care of marks and stains, as well as a polish to restore shine on dark leather. You can of course go for something new if your old pair of shoes are too far gone, but if you have the time, make sure to replace the heels on your most-worn shoes regularly – it only costs a small amount at your local cobbler and can totally transform them into looking new again!

Guilt Purchases

Every woman has a ‘guilt purchase’ item in her wardrobe; an item that we impulsively splurged a bit too much money on because it seemed like a good idea at the time, but have never worn since. Of course, we end up regretting our purchase and feel guilty about it. Perhaps the style wasn’t really you, or it didn’t quite fit properly. But we can’t throw it away without feeling guilty at the money wasted! One solution is to do something charitable with it. Why not host a clothes swap party with friends? Simply invite a large group of friends and ask them to bring 2-3 unwanted items of clothing or accessories in good condition. In exchange for the items they bring, they can take away the other guests’ unwanted garments that they like. As well as knowing that the clothes they don’t wear anymore have been given to someone who really will make use of them, they get to take home new pieces to brighten up their wardrobe for free… win-win!

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