Video: Terry Crews Wins Pit Fighting Match Against MMA Fighter

Wrestling has evolved throughout the years. But if you will ask fans when the golden age of the industry was, today wouldn’t be near the answer. 

Terry Crews is a celebrated American host and Hollywood actor who is also known for being a former football player. He was the defensive end and linebacker of Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers and Washington Redskins at the National Football League (NFL).

However, little did we know at present that the ‘America’s Got Talent’ host battled in some of the most historic wrestling tournaments on TV. An edgier version of “American Gladiators” called “Battle Dome” featured Crews under the pseudonym ‘T-Money.’

Hamster Wheel

In 1999, a competitive show mimicking the Gladiators inaugurated for the new millennium, featuring a number of colourful personalities in various industries. The competition also headlines regular Joe contestants in high concept challenges for championships and cash prizes.

Well, we all know how wrestling comes up with the most innovative storylines, putting everyone into battle and being in rivalry with other combat organizations. This is how Crews’ showdown with MMA fighter Jay Martinez happened inside a giant hamster wheel.

For a retired football player, appearing on a wannabe version of American Gladiators is not a shabby start in the entertainment industry. Fans who got to re-watch the epic hamster wheel combat between Crews and Martinez surely want to relive these moments.

Here’s the footage to give you a good dose of nostalgia:

Battle Dome

Despite being an award-winning star of many achievements in the sport and in the entertainment industry, the actor took a circuitous route to get there. As he would put it, Terry says he has had “more experiences than people are allowed.”

In an interview with NPR’s Ask Me Another host Ophira Eisenberg at the Bell House in Brooklyn, he also said: “I feel like I’ve lived 17 lives.” He’s learned a lot of lessons in life as he went along, where one road led him to appear in wrestling shows.

Taking a walk down memory lane, Terry’s family, his wife and two kids, relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to the entertainment industry after his NFL career ended. He shared, “If you’re broke, be broke near what you want to do.”

“Because you can be broke anywhere!” he added. Before he made a name for himself in acting, Crews found steady work as a security guard on Hollywood movie sets. Yes, he did.

Luckily for Crews, his contagious enthusiasm and sheer magnetism attracted the attention of actors, directors, of casting directors alike. A friend offered him the opportunity to attend his first audition ever — a role on Battle Dome — the first step that got his career where it is now.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/The Pink Man and Instagram/Terry Crews


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