Tenshin Says He Won’t Follow Floyd’s Rules & Will Knock Mayweather Out Cold

    Floyd Mayweather’s special match against Japan’s Tenshin Nasukawa has been shaky during the past weeks for the boxing legend’s wavering sentiments… Now, it’s Tenshin who’s saying no to an exhibition fight.

    The combat sports world was again thrown into turmoil by retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather this month. His proposed kickboxing/MMA (?) debut had fans wondering if ‘Money’ was in his right mind. A bizarre and wholly unexpected Rizin FF debut was announced during a press conference in Japan.

    The madness continued as Rizin released a strange promo video for the fight. At this point, no rules had been announced for the fight other than it would be ‘special.’

    Tenshin Says He Won't Follow Floyd's Rules & Will Knock Mayweather Out Cold

    Mayweather Pulls Out Then Jumps Back In

    The combat sports world reacted by slamming Mayweather for taking part in what appeared to be a media circus. Is it even a boxing match at this stage? Who knows, but by the sounds of it this Mayweather vs. Tenshin exhibition won’t be the MMA debut for Floyd we were all talking about.

    However, the younger fighter doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic about combat that won’t affect his opponent’s 50-0 professional record. After his first-round KO win this weekend, Tenshin says he has no plans to partake in an ‘exhibition’ and intends to knock Mayweather out.

    Absolutely Knock Him Out

    According to a Twitter user’s translation of Tenshin’s post-fight speech,

    The RIZIN CEO insisted this would be possible under the ruleset Mayweather has agreed to.

    Although he technically isn’t wrong, exhibition usually entails a sparring match with some flair, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be a real fight. just that it isn’t officially marked on someone’s record. A good example is the fights which happen in the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ house. Although fought at full speed and power, the fights don’t actually count on the fighter’s professional record.

    Instead, they are recorded as exhibition bouts. Now, if Nasukawa really wants to be the fly in the ointment, he could consider throwing some kicks in the mix. Now THAT would be worth buying a PPV for.

    Featured Image Source: Twitter/BBC Sport and Instagram/Tenshin Nasukawa

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