WATCH: Teddy Atlas Goes Berserk Over Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury Scores

Veteran commentator and trainer Teddy Atlas was the latest boxing personality to air his frustration over the controversial split decision draw on the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder fight.

The undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather was reportedly disappointed with the outcome of the match, leaving the Staples Arena last Saturday disgusted. Fellow Brit Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno have also expressed their dismay on how the fight was scored.

And now it was Atlas’ turn to speak out.

A Sick Man

The highly anticipated showdown between Fury and Wilder ended in an unlikely draw after Mexican judge Alejandro Rochin scored 115-111 in favour of ‘The Bronze Bomber’. Robert Tapper of Canada tallied 114-110 for Fury, while Phil Edwards of the United Kingdom had it knot-tied at 113-113. 

While Fury is cool about the result, his trainer, Ben Davison was not satisfied by how things were scored and called one of the judge ‘a sick man.’

“The American man got out of the ring and said, ‘It’s fine, they can do it again. It’s fine’.What do you mean it’s fine? You’ve just taken away the biggest comeback not in boxing history but in sports history from a man that has come back from hell. And it’s fine? You have got to be a sick, sick man to do that. A sick, sick man. We didn’t come here for money and we didn’t come here to get through the fight. We came here to win and we won that fight. I’m absolutely sick and gutted.”

Plenty of combat sports fans have taken to social media to throw their support to ‘The Gypsy King.’ Lewis, the former three-time heavyweight world champion, insisted that it has been hard for British fighters to win a belt on US soil.

On the other hand, Bruno told Fury that he remains the winner for him and the rest of the UK.

Teddy Atlas Goes Full Blast

Every fan has channelled their inner Teddy Atlas after the Fury vs Wilder fight. In the video below, Teddy has summed up everyone’s feelings in an epic rant about the controversial decisions in the heavyweight title that ended in a tie-contest.

“I’m sick and tired of watching these fighters. They put everything on the line… I’m sick of it.” You can watch his rant video down below courtesy of Levi on YouTube.

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/Levi)

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