Keith Thurman Returned To Boxing Last Night But Everyone Was Watching The Referee

    After a long year with multiple injuries, undefeated professional Boxer Keith Thurman returned to boxing to fight with Josesito Lopez for the WBA crown. He put on a masterful performance, but everybody was interested in something other than the fighters in the ring…

    After having to give up his WBC title due to injuries, Thurman retained a different title last night. Thurman had early success in the fight, scoring an early knockdown in the second round.

    However, it was towards the middle of the bout where he found himself in some trouble and was nearly overwhelmed by a very competitive Lopez. He was able to weather the storm and came out on top via the scorecards. He then proceeded to call out Manny Pacquiao.

    The main thing fans were focused on however was the referee in charge of this fight and who better to have do that job than Steve Willis…

    Keith Thurman Returned To Boxing Last Night But Everyone Was Watching The Referee
    the most excited referee ever. Image source: facebook PBS

    Any fan of boxing knows the world-renowned Steve Willis. There hundreds of videos online about him purely because he loves his job and his reactions to anything that happens in a fight are priceless.

    Last night things were no different as he continued to do what he does best. There were more tweets under the #ThurmanLopez tag about Steve Willis than the actual fight. It seems that the referee should be advertised too if that’s going to get more buys on a Pay-Per-View…

    Steve Willis Is The GOAT Referee

    As soon as a punch is thrown, Willis is engaged in the fight. Wide eyes and open mouth like he’s shocked. Whether he is watching closely, or he does this subliminally is a different question. One we don’t know the answer too. We’re not complaining though, even in a boring fight he can make it one hundred times better just by making faces.

    Keith Thurman Returned To Boxing Last Night But Everyone Was Watching The Referee
    image source: Twitter

    Steve Willis has been in the game for ages it seems with videos on him dating back for a good couple of years. People cannot get enough of him and who can blame them. Having something like this in a fight can make all the difference.

    Boxing referee Steve Willis really loves his job from sports

    Our only question is, when do we get to see him in the ring again? We’ll be looking forward to it!

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