UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar Goes to Jail for Drunk Driving in Vegas

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar is known for his legendary clash against Forrest Griffin in what’s tagged as the fight which “saved” the UFC. 

The former UFC light heavyweight star has just been arrested for reportedly violating the speed limit and driving under the influence in Las Vegas on Sunday. According to an initial report by TMZ Sports, Bonnar was propelling Interstate-15 at around 90 mph in the afternoon aboard a red Cadillac CTS.

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar Goes to Jail for Drunk Driving in Vegas
Source: Youtube/Fox Sports

Resisted Arrest 

Later on, the website of Nevada’s Clark County Detention Center unveiled Bonnar in custody for three charges: DUI, unsafe movement of a motor vehicle, and resisting arrest. Even before Nevada Highway Patrol officers arrived, concerned drivers have boxed up his vehicle on the road.

On top of that, the Northwest Indiana native allegedly resisted police arrest but was successfully subdued and handcuffed. After so, the officers escorted him to a local jail for the DUI offence bearing third-degree felony.

Authorities initially held Bonnar on $22,000 bond for the DUI violation and scheduled him for a court appearance on November 26. Whether the 41-year-old has a lawyer is still on thin ice.

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar Goes to Jail for Drunk Driving in Vegas
Bonnar fighting Griffin during the finale of The Ultimate Fighter Season 1. (Source: Youtube/Fox Sports)

Hall of Famer 

The Ultimate Fighter season 1 star won a UFC Hall of Fame medal in 2013. Bonnar is an American professional wrestler and retired MMA fighter who started his jiu-jitsu training with Carlson Gracie.

His early wins included victories over Brian Ebersole and Terry Martin before suffering a loss in Brazil to eventual UFC champion Lyoto Machida. However, the height of Bonnar’s fame transpired on his momentous bout against Griffin in April 2005.

The then-light heavyweight contender lost via unanimous decision but still earned a UFC contract. It was the historic match that turned the tide for the UFC, reaching its global dominance in the MMA realm at present.

Watch a recap of the Griffin Vs Bonnar clash below:

Seven and a half years later, Bonnar recorded ten wins and seven losses in the UFC. These include defeats on his second fight vs Griffin and over Rashad Evans, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Fox Sports

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