“This is no joke!” Woman Freaks Out After Finding Out Who Keeps Ringing Her Doorbell

"This is no joke!" Woman Freaks Out After Finding Out Who Keeps Ringing Her Doorbell
A snap from the house’s doorbell camera. (Photo: Mackenze Bullins)

Someone is ringing the doorbell

You sure have heard about stories of kids ringing doorbells in the neighbourhood only to run away when the owner is about to open it. Well, this is almost the same story. Just a quite different kid.

Earlier this week, Kansas local Makenze Bullins left home for work when an alert came through her phone. Her house is equipped with a motion-sensing doorbell which sends her a video message whenever someone drops by and she’s not around.

Apparently, someone is ringing her doorbell on a Tuesday morning. A friend maybe? Not exactly.

Without any further introduction, here’s the guest who’s been slithering in Bullins’ doorbell:

Gepostet von Makenze Bullins am Dienstag, 17. Juli 2018

Can anybody recognize this unknown guest? I bet we all can.

A snake has been lurking in her front porch in who knows how long! The freaked out woman uploaded the videos on her Facebook account writing:

“This is NO JOKE!! [My husband] is out of town, I’m at work and this freaking thing keeps setting off my doorbell camera!! Someone, PLEASE come to get this snake for me! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!”

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