Preacher Suffers Venomous Bite After Swinging Rattlesnake Amid Sermon

Local pastor practising snake handling or called serpent handling, a religious ritual in a small number of isolated churches, mostly in the United States. (Photo: Barcroft TV)

Snake Handling Went Wrong 

We all know that there exists in the world are people whose passion lies in handling and petting venomous reptiles called snakes. They devote themselves to years of research and training to be experts in doing so.

Despite this, there are just some who don’t recognize the power of nature. One example is a snake-handling church in Appalachia. They routinely hold serpents amid church services.

Most of the days nothing happens, but in some, lives get in great danger. And that’s exactly what happened to snake-handling preacher Jamie Coots in 2014.

But if you think this story we are talking about happened in 2014, you are wrong. We are talking about Jamie’s son Cody Coots. Yes, it’s what you were thinking, he followed his father’s footsteps.

Never underestimate the power of nature. (Photo: Barcroft TV)

Venomous Rattlesnake

In a video featured below, Cody is at the peak of his preaching while carelessly handling a venomous rattlesnake on his hand. Don’t get us wrong. We all have nothing against his faith and the sermons he preached.

What’s cringe-worthy is the risk he is taking in doing the snake-handling practice that started over 100 years ago.

Going back to what happened, the rattlesnake, probably stressed for being swung, bit Cody on the face in a split-second. He was screaming on the microphone when he got the ‘love-bite’ he will never forget.

You might think Cody would’ve stopped the gathering, bearing a bit from such venomous snake. But he continued! He continued the screaming sermon while his vein is spitting so much blood down his shoulders.

He continues despite the venomous attack. (Photo: Barcroft TV)

Dauntless Preacher

Plus, Cody is saying while enduring the bite, “I believe God is a healer.” I know most of us do. But, how can he be healed if he won’t allow experts to check on him immediately?

After a short while, he starts getting the consequences of the bite and coughs hard. Churchmates immediately helped him and sent him to the hospital.

Good thing for Cody, he survived the venom because of how their snakes are kept. Apparently, when malnourished and underfed, their snakes don’t deliver as much venom as they should in a single bite.

Nevertheless, attending physicians said Cody was incredibly blessed to survive. The snake almost severed his temporal artery.

After five days that this documentary was released, Barcroft TV has followed up a story on Cody’s experience of enduring the bite.

Apparently, Cody didn’t want to go to the hospital. He wants to be left up the mountain to die. Thankfully, the venom isn’t as strong as his dad’s bite who died only in a few minutes.

Cody, due to the intensity of his bite, had to depend on life support for quite a while. After two months, he started recovering from the near-death experience.

Watch the second part of the documentary below:

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