The UFC Just Released Slow Motion Footage Of Khabib Mauling McGregor

The UFC Just Released Slow Motion Footage Of Khabib Mauling McGregor
Source: YouTube/UFC

UFC 229 

UFC 229 has indeed given the fans the action they’ve been waiting for. UFC’s still-undisputed lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor via fourth-round submission.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing bout between two of the promotion’s greatest MMA fighters. From start to finish, the matchup has never failed to hype up the fans who have watched at home and in the Las Vegas arena with their performances.

Remains Undisputed

Quoting John Malkovich’s narration at an epic promo video, “There can only be one king.” After four rounds of absolute chaos inside the Octagon, Khabib (27-0) remained the undisputed UFC lightweight king.

Conor (21-4) won the third round of the MMA match but Khabib was all over him for the rest of the bout. “The Eagle” even scored an initial takedown as soon as the first round kicked off.

It was an impressive second round from Khabib as well when he sent McGregor down with a powerful right. Despite this, the double champ was able to recover fast, throwing a powerful knee on the Russian pride’s right rib.

No Excuse 

“The Notorious” offered no excuse about the loss.

As of now, he is reportedly setting sights on a rematch against the Russian mixed martial artist, in front of his home crowd. Brazilian fighter Jose Aldo is also calling him out for a UFC featherweight rematch.

Khabib, on the other hand, just met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to extend him the honour of his MMA victory. Prior to that, he received an overwhelming hero’s welcome from his hometown in Dagestan.

Nate Diaz is reportedly waiting for Khabib to recover to get a shot at his title. Diaz was supposed to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 230 but the latter was forced to withdraw from the fight due to an undisclosed injury.

To the fans’ delight, UFC has just released a slow-motion video on how the Dagestan pride mauled the warrior of Dublin. Watch the chilling footage below:

Everyone is waiting for UFC to announce what comes next for these legendary fighters. As of now, let us again witness how Khabib retained his unblemished record after tapping McGregor out.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/UFC

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