Signs of High Blood Sugar: Stop It Before Diabetes Takes Over

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  1. I have been experiencing some of these symptoms. Some of them described me to a T. This morning I cut myself shaving. I noticed the cut took a long time to stop bleeding. I had no idea it was contributed to my diabetes. I’m glad I read this because I needed a little motivation. The frequent urination has me held at bay as we speak. I need to get that under control. The first time I was diagnosed I was a 9.9. When I went back for my first followup I was a 5.9. The doc said I was no longer a diabetic and took me off of the medication. Well I have fallen off the wagon again and it’s time for a change.

  2. I have diabetes 2. Your description of the symptoms are very clear. Thank you. Wish I had that before I got diagnosed.
    Totally agree with the carbs, all that is white besides cauliflower is a problem.
    Drastic changes to lifestyle is the only answer. I already did most of the right things (excercise, low carb diet). Only thing left was to cut all candy (obviously) and all bread, corn and wheats. Only doing flax seed (and almond flour) “breads. Cut my short term blood sugar by 75% in a month and my long term blood sugar by 60% in 2.

  3. I can’t exersize very well arthritis in both knees i need help with what carbs i can eat i want to be a healthy eater so i dont die from this

  4. > There are two types of low insulin levels. In type 1 diabetes, people experience an absolute shortage of insulin. Patients with type 2 diabetes experience a relative shortage of insulin.

    I have no idea what Absolute and Relative mean in that sentence… Perhaps a better way to explain it is that Type 1 is the failure to produce insulin and Type 2 is the failure for cells to use insulin properly.

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