11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

Sometimes, you might be wondering “is there a way to replace the irreplaceable”? Take the ending of Lost out of the picture, and you have one of the most addictive, delightful, and creative viewing experiences ever.

Lost had basically everything. You had time travel, mystery, smoke monsters, and all of that on an ever-wandering tropical island that you will never come across again. There are not many shows like Lost that can literally “glue you to the screen”. The show ended seven years ago, with the last episode aired on May 23, 2010. Since then, many shows have tried to replicate the success of Lost. Some have failed, some have succeeded. And while there will never be another Lost, there are “fishes in the sea”. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the shows like Lost that are worth your time.

In order for a show to be considered alternative to Lost, it must satisfy five criteria. The first one is serialization, which means the plot should start in the pilot, and last until the very end of the show. Then you need some good cast members, mystery, mythology, and a unique world.

1. Supernatural

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

On first glance, you might find Supernatural boring and childish. After all, the plot is two boy ghost hunters looking for monsters. You might say the show was designed for girls who haven’t seen anything more than Twilight. However, the as the show went on, and particularly after season 5, the show is just absolute joy to watch. This is where the goes beyond the monsters of the week plot and into a great, mysterious, and mythological serial.

The show had a good run after season 5, and then it started going down. But it is still worth watching.

2. Vampire Diaries

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

Another thrilling, and just absolutely insane show you have to watch. The show literally made several actresses famous. For example, Nina Dobrev.  She left the show, but she was wonderful in it. The supernatural drama television is based on a popular book series. And you’ll notice a pattern as we go down, most of the great mysterious TV shows like Lost are based on a great book.

3. Once Upon a Time

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

If you want to go to a different world and wander around, there is no better show to help you with that than Once Upon a Time. The show is a little different in its serialization, with each season being its own world. But the plot and the main characters are evolving with each season. The show started off with Emma Swan as the hero, then she moved to a villain, and to a hero again. In the meantime, we met her son Henry, and the Evil Queen.

The show tells a story of a new world, one in which fairy tale legends and modern life collide. You will meet most of your beloved child characters from Disney movies, but in a different role. And that is what makes the show so addictive. Most of us have grown up with the characters like Prince Charming, Evil Queen, Captain Hook, and so on.

4. The Lost Room

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

The show was a miniseries, and it was definitely one of the most delightfully addictive TV experiences. The unique idea brought so many mysteries to our world. I must say, I personally loved watching the mysteries unfold.

The main plot revolves around a mysterious 1960s motel room located outside of normal time and space. And every object from the motel room brings strange powers to whoever possesses the object. And while it looks more like alternative to Heroes, the fun of the mystery of the room is enough to make you watch it.

5. Fringe

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

The show about FBI’s special agent Olivia Dunham lasted just five seasons. By the end, it was definitely too much, but there were moments during those five seasons when you couldn’t wait for the next episode. Olivia is assigned to a division in which she investigates unusual crimes. And as she tries to unfold the case of the science, she discovers connections to her own past and a parallel universe. With every case she solves, she gets deeper and deeper into the discovery and complication.

6. Twin Peaks

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

We are talking about the original here. Although, you might want to check the “Twin Peaks Return” as well. The original show, aired in 1990, completely changed the way of television. You might say it was one of the first mystery shows that was successful.

David Lynch, the director of the show managed to bring an eccentric show to television. The main plot is simple, an investigation of a mysterious murder in a small town. The corpse of the homecoming queen, Laura, is found on the shore.

The mythology and mystery of Twin Peaks have yet to be replicated. It is an instant classic, and while the second season was not as good, it is still a show that begs to be seen.

7. Smallville

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

Smallville has more with superpowers and supernatural than Lost. But the show has many similarities. After all, they both feature a fictional world. For Lost, it is the island, and for Smallville, it is a small city where young Clark Kent rises to be Superman. It is viewed as an interpretation of the Superman story, one that is less about superpowers, and more about human connections. Definitely a refreshing story, and it is still one of the best series ever on television.

8. The Stand

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

Talented people appreciate good talent. Stephen King was a huge fan of Lost. And he often mentioned and praised the show. The creators of Lost, loved Stephen King as well.

Trying to create one of the shows like Lost, Stephen King brought us “The Stand”. The show, based on his book is a post-apocalyptic horror/fantasy show. Crazy stuff happen, and there is little you can nitpick about the show. The cast could have been better, but the show delivered.

9. Game of Thrones

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

When you talk about shows like Lost, many fans are afraid that Game of Thrones might end up on a disappointing note like Lost. And that is not the only similarity. We sure hope Thrones will have better ending. For seven years, Thrones has been the most addictive TV show, with one of the best plots, and a world that is hard to imagine. But that is what you get when you try to make a show after novels by George R.R. Martin. His world is just huge. And while the show failed to deliver the greatness of Martin’s world, and left some plotlines out, it is still a great one to watch.

Bonus points, if you like great visual effects, Thrones will deliver. The first three to four seasons are perfect storytelling, while the latter are more about the visual and cool effects.

10. Battlestar Galactica

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

This story started with a miniseries, and then got another four seasons. The basic plot looks a lot like Star Trek, with an old robotic enemy invading the “Twelve Colonies”, and a small group of the population making it out alive. The team of survivals then struggles to survive the attack and continues to battle and find the “long-lost and fabled thirteenth colony known as Earth”.

In the process, Battlestar galactice delivers intense, gritty fantasy drama with epic cinematic value. The show can put most of the feature films to shame, and it is definitely worth your time.

11. Prison Break

11 Shows Like Lost That Are Worth Your Time

The last on the list of shows like Lost is Prison Break. It is another one that had a slightly disappointing end. But the return of Prison Break many years later gave fans a more optimistic ending. For many years, watching Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows trying to escape the most desperate situation was a thrilling adventure.

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