10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

Game of Thrones is one of the best and most unique TV shows of all time. The thrill, the visual effects, the storyline, the cast and the acting, all of these factors make Thrones one of the best TV shows ever to appear on screen. And if you need proof, the show has won the most Emmys, period. But the bad news is Thrones lasts for just two months, or in the case of Season 7, just seven weeks. That leaves a big void to fill.

So, for that long winter, we have some shows like Game of Thrones you can watch. They will help you last through the winter, and wait the next season of Thrones. Side note: Thrones will air its last, season 8 next year. That means you’ll need more of the shows like Game of Thrones to fill your series schedule.

That being said, let’s take a look at some shows you can start watching.


10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

When you talk about unique shows, Vikings is right there with Thrones. Following the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings tells the story of a farmer who ultimately becomes the King of Denmark. The Viking King constantly raids England and France, terrorizing the population with his brother Rollo and his wife Lagertha.

The show has everything as Thrones, including deception, gods, strong women, power struggles, and bloody battles. And similar like Thrones, Vikings is set in medieval setting. The only thing Thrones lack is dragons, but you will love it. And same as in Thrones, Ragnar has to play the game of allegiances, manipulating and shifting from one ally to another.


10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

One of the more underrated shows, Rome had the potential to reach Throne’s popularity. The sad part is Rome was canceled just after two seasons. Unlike other shows like Game of Thrones, Rome was not able to catch the audience it needed to keep going forward.

However, even two seasons of Rome is more than enough. Do not read the critics reviews, as they will tell you Rome was not as good. The reason Rome fall apart was the huge budget. It was crazy expensive to film it.

And while it lacks the nail-biting fights, Rome has almost as good storyline as Thrones. And let’s be honest for a moment. Most of us got attached to Thrones thanks to the perfect storyline in the early seasons. You can say Rome is the best bet for a storyline and storytelling as in Thrones. And do not worry, even with just two seasons, the show doesn’t feel unfinished.

House of Cards

10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

Kevin Spacey is just amazing in this show. We all knew he was a great actor. But he was doing movies mostly. In House of Cards, Spacey shines like never before. The show talks about the ruthless political world of Washington D.C. There are no dragons, but the other elements like greed, sex, wickedness, corruption, and chess playing will feel the same.

Bonus points, Spacey is not the only perfect actor in the show. You also have Claire Underwood as Robin Wright. And she does a spectacular job.

The Tudors

10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

Telling the story of Henry VIII’s reign over England, the Tudors is fill with political maneuver. The main plot is all about politics and the struggle for power. Sounds familiar? Now, the Tudors lack the historical accuracy, but Thrones is a fiction as well.

It will be fun to watch all four seasons of Tudors. Just skip the entry, and you’ll avoid the historical inaccurate story. If gritty drama is your thing, The Tudors will deliver. You don’t look for dragons and crazy SGI battles.


10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

When the show was first announced, many compared it to Game of Thrones. Out of all the shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld might be the best copycat. But do not think of Westworld as a copycat. It is a standalone show, one that has some spectacular acting. After all, you have Anthony Hopkins playing one of the main roles in this futuristic park.

The show is all about fantasy, and you will be addicted until the season 1 Finale. Even then, you will still be rumbling who is host and who is visitor.


10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

If the dragons are what you love the most in Game of Thrones, then you should check Merlin. The show follows the young life of the popular magician. The twist is the future ruler, Arthur, does not know Merlin is a magician. In fact, Merlin is his minion and assistant. The show is filled with father-son drama, battles, deception, knights, and so on. And for your dragons addiction, there is a dragon hidden beneath the castle.


10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

Most of the shows like Game of Thrones follow a character nobody expects to succeed, and how he manages to get on the top. Spartacus follows that same principle, following a great slave warrior rise up. And Spartacus has even more sex than Thrones. Spartacus aired for just three seasons, but it was well enough.

And if you are looking for some historical accuracy, Spartacus is about a gladiator that led a slave uprising against Rome. And he had no dragons to help him. There might not be much fantasy, but there are a lot of gladiators with swords and intense action.

The Last Kingdom

10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

There are many underrated shows that didn’t get high in the ratings. But the Last Kingdom surely deserved more audience. It is based on a series of books and set during the 10h century AD in England. At the time, the Viking invasion was at the peak. Fun fact: You can watch Vikings for the Vikings aspect of the story during Viking invasion, and Last Kingdom for the England side of the story.

You’ll get most of the elements of Thrones like stabbing, beheading, crucifixion, and other murderous scenes. Battles are almost as good as in Thrones. The only thing you won’t find is nude scenes.

Da Vinci’s Demons

10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

The show about the fictional Leonardo da Vinci’s is filled with inventions. But you also get political intrigue, magic, religion, and lovers. The power struggle between the Medici and Pazzi families looks very familiar as the battle between the Starks and the Lannisters. There are many similarities in the show set in Renaissance Florence.

Marco Polo

10 Shows like Game of Thrones to Watch while Winter Break

Another show about a character from the history books. Marco Polo follows the explorer’s journey through Mongolia’s Silk Road. His father and uncle gave him away, and he starts his journey. Do not look for historical accuracy. Same as thrones, this is more of a fantasy series.

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