Middleweight Shepherd Fights 330-Pound Bodybuilder This Weekend

Here comes another David taking on a Goliath…

The second edition of the Dynamite Fighting Show, an upstart promotion in Eastern Europe, will feature an exciting match between a former shepherd turned kickboxer from Romania against a marquee name in the powerlifting world.

Middleweight fighter Bogdan Nastase will take on the 380-pound powerlifter and world champion Freddy Gonzales this weekend in a match-up commonly tagged as ‘skills vs size.’

Middleweight Shepherd Fights 330-Pound Bodybuilder This Weekend
Momentum is on the side of Bogdan Nastase. (Photo: Dynamite Fighting Show/YouTube)

Fresh From A Win

Momentum will be on the side of ‘The Sheperd’ as he is coming from a big win against Janu Da Cruz last July when the promotion raised its curtain for the first time.

Former shepherd Nastase pulled off a strong start and a stronger finish as he landed some swift right jabs against the Hannibal early in the first round before putting the exclamation point in the second frame.

In round two, Nastase turned to his power to score two knockdowns off strong punches. But after sending Cruz down for the second time, the referee stopped the fight and declared Bogdan as the winner.

Nastase now holds a 12-5 record. His skills will be put into a major test this weekend when he goes up against the Cuban bodybuilder ‘El Gigante’ who obviously packs a lot of power.

In case you are wondering why a 185-pound fighter will battle a 380-pound powerlifter, the Dynamite Fighting Show is the inaugural openweight tourney across in Eastern Europe, which means fighters can go up against each other despite a dramatic difference on their weight and size.

Stacked Card

Expect fireworks to explode when the Dynamite Fighting Show reopens this weekend. Aside from the intriguing match between the middleweight shepherd and the gigantic powerlifter, the promotion will also feature two kickboxing champions in Andrei Stoica and Kimbo Sazan Memedi.

Stoica is one of the most experienced fighters in the competition, after seeing actions in major leagues such as K-1, GLORY, Superkombat and also Wushu world championships. Memedi, meanwhile, will bank on his knockout power and pressure style to overcome a dangerous opponent in Stoica.

But all eyes will be set on the main event featuring Catalin Morosanu vs Mehmet Ozer. The “Carpathian Death” survived a scare from K-1 veteran Freddy Kamayo last July and escaped with a unanimous decision win.

Morosanu will face another tough assignment as he will take on former professional boxer Ozer, who will bring his K-1, KFA, and MFC experience to the fight.

Watch the promo in the video below:

(Featured Image Source: Cuerpos Perfectos TV/YouTube and Dynamite Fighting Show/YouTube)

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