Shaolin Monk Could Be Behind $5 Million Conor McGregor Offer

If the combat sports gods allow it, then we could be up for an interesting match-up in the future. While the announced Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa fight failed to convince fans, this match-up could do the exact opposite. 

MMA Coach John Kavanagh earlier revealed that his talent, Conor McGregor, has been offered to go head-to-head with a Chinese kickboxer for a whopping $5 million paycheck. Though the identity of the Chinese kickboxer has yet to be confirmed, speculations have it that it was Yi Long, also known as Shaolin Monk, who made the offer.

Lucrative Offer

In a recent appearance at the True Geordie Podcast, Kavanagh revealed that his camp has received a ‘legitimate’ offer from an unnamed Chinese kickboxer, which could guarantee ‘The Notorious’ another massive payday. The mysterious kickboxer wants to square off with McGregor in a three-round kickboxing bout for $5 million.

“I had a guy message me just a few days ago. A Chinese kick-boxer wanted to do three rounds with Conor for US$5 million. And he was going to put it in escrow. It wasn’t just like he was joking. Because again, I get a million messages like that a day, but you just don’t pay attention.”

But this guy was connected and it was a legitimate offer. But I know he [McGregor] wouldn’t [do it]. You get the odd funny message like that. And, like I said, it was genuine. I know the boxing promoter well and he’s very well known. So he wasn’t going to come with an offer that wasn’t legitimate.”

The former two-division champion recently earned a disclosed $3 million dollar in his showdown with Khabib Nurmagomedov at the UFC 229 headliner, which shattered all pay-per-view records in UFC history. This proved that his star power is still on a different level despite a two-year absence from the sport.

Kavanagh did not reveal the name behind the mysterious offer. But if there is one person who can match McGregor’s star power, it is the sanshou and wushu kickboxing expert, Yi Long. Also known as the Shaolin Monk, Yi is a big figure in China’s martial arts community.

He currently holds a 61-12-1 win-loss record in kickboxing. He last fought the Vietnamese giant Hong-Man Choi at MAS Fight, where he finished the 7-foot-2 pagoda with a vicious spinning kick to the body. Fans have speculated that it was him who is interested to go up against the UFC’s biggest star while multiple reports also suggested Yi Long’s name.

One fan wrote: “I know I said this once as a joke but Yi Long vs Conor McGregor actually would be good for both guys right now. Also it would be a big draw in at least China and the USA.”

While another predicted: “What a big fight it would be. Yi long the Master vs. Conor McGregor. Think it would end in decision. Nice idea.”

However, there are major obstacles that could prevent this fight to happen. The UFC would unlikely give its green light as the Irish star has still four fights under his contract with the promotion. McGregor is also waiting for the final verdict of the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding the controversial UFC 229 brawl last month.

(Featured Image Source: Twitter/Fight Haven and Instagram/TheNotoriousMMA)

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