Bellator’s Scott Coker Reacts To Cancelled UFC 233 Event

After struggling to find a fight to headline UFC 233 on pay-per-view, UFC failed to plan its next year right. Bellator President Scott Coker now believes its competitor cancelled the event because it couldn’t put together a show worthy of counteracting Bellator 214.

January 26

 after cancelling UFC 233 event in Anaheim, California. 

Bellator 214 is a huge card that’ll surely divide the fans on which one to tune into on January 26. After the UFC rendered its event invalid, Coker believes its a win on their part.

Speaking on Bellator 213’s post-fight presscon, the South Korean-born executive revealed they have sealed the date long ago.

“Absolutely (it’s exciting to be unopposed). Everybody has a business to run. They have a business to run; we have a business to run. We’ve been going on that date for the last three years or however long, so everybody knows we’re going to go on that date.”

Ran Out of Bullets

Coker has also touched on why he thinks the UFC cancelled its event supposedly happening simultaneously with the heavyweight title fight between Fedor and Bader.

“It didn’t work out for them because, to me, it’s a roster issue.”

“Who is going to fight? And if you’re going to bring someone to fight against the Fedor-Bader card, and ours is free on Paramount and on DAZN, and you’re going to run on pay-per-view, then you better have your A-game. I think they just ran out of bullets.” 


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Scott Coker and Youtube/BT Sport

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