WATCH: Russian Slapping Contest Is Possibly The Craziest Sport You’ll See

WATCH: Russian Slapping Contest Is Possibly The Craziest Sport You'll See
Russian tough guy smiles after a good slapping (Photo: Russian Bears)

Who’s the Strongest of Them All?

Would someone here like to take the “Slap Off Competition”? Well, it’s most definitely as dangerous and wild as it sounds. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s possibly because it only really exists on the darkest corners of Youtube.

According to The Sun, the aim of the painful game is to prove who is the strongest, as grown men repeatedly slap each other with an open palm. A large number of muscular Russian men were left red-faced in the most recent competition that took place at the Sarychev Power Expo in April.

Sarychev Power Expo aims to promote power sports, patriotism and the strongest men in Russia.

WATCH: Russian Slapping Contest Is Possibly The Craziest Sport You'll See
Russian slapping contestant shows off his brutal facial marks. Photo: Unilad

Weird yet Interesting Game?

Bench Press World record holder, Kirill Sarychev, organized this weird yet interesting event. As the slaps increase in strength, the men are seen with increasingly bruised and swollen faces.

In the photo attached above, the man looked like he didn’t mind getting a hard slap and a swollen face at all.

Thousands gathered in Moscow to cheer even bodybuilders and powerlifter were also present to witness the bizarre game. The event is organized as an elimination-style competition, where two men face-off against each other.

The Last Man Standing

The slapping contest continued and after how many hours did Yuriy Kuzmin from Nizhny Novgorod subject to countless slaps, he then declared as the “King of the Slappers”. He walked away with the grand prize of less than £300.

A friendly slap competition also happened in Odessa, Texas. It’s one of the biggest is the Inkmasters Tradeshow Slap-Off Contests where tattooed men, women and children gather around to witness grown men slapping each other’s face like nobody’s business.

The video of the championship game began with the announcer telling the two contestants to keep the game ‘friendly’. Never in my life I have imagined slapping someone or getting slapped by someone would still end into a friendlier outcome.

Watch the Slapping Championship at Sarychev Power Expo 2018 down below. Video courtesy of Russian Bears / Ink Masters on YouTube.

Now, who wants to try this competition?

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