The 17-Year Old Russian Hulk Just Destroyed His Opponent In MMA Debut

The scary just got scarier. 

Tamaev Asxab, a teenager from Russia known for having the thickest neck, has made his long-awaited debut in mixed martial arts earlier this month. The famed “Russian KGB Hulk” silenced all his naysayers by winning his first ever MMA bout in a devastating fashion.

A potential UFC prospect, Asxab went to a major slugfest in the second round and punished his opponent, Ukranian Philip Marvin, with a savage beating, en route to an impressive submission win.

The 17-Year Old Russian Hulk Just Destroyed His Opponent In MMA Debut

Absolute Beast

Before Tamaev Asxab took his talents in the Octagon, he is already making waves on social media, having more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Fans adore him for his massive and insanely jacked physique, which makes it possible for him to perform out-of-this-world stunts such as pulling a car using his neck.

His neck measures a whopping 54 cm while his biceps are around 48 cm. He developed his bulging physique by squatting and benching with the aid of farm equipment.

According to reports, his neck is so thick that even a knife has a hard time penetrating it. In fact, he used his hench neck to pull three cars during a workout in one of his most viral videos.

Aside from this jaw-dropping stunt, the 17-year old Hulk is also famous for his matches against other Russian social media figures such as Kirill “Popeye” Tereshin.

Lately, he was seen training boxing and wrestling as part of his preparation for his MMA debut. Asxab was booked to fight Ukrainian YouTube star Philip Marvin, an online sensation popular for his death-defying stunts and extreme sports videos.

Earlier this month, he finally made his first Octagon appearance. It only took him two rounds to leave a lasting impression to the MMA world that he could be the next big thing in the sport.

The 17-Year Old Russian Hulk Just Destroyed His Opponent In MMA Debut


The “Russian KGB Hulk” and his opponent threw out very few punches in the opening round as they tried to feel each other.

Knowing that cardio will be Asxab’s waterloo, Marvin kept his distance by running around, but the Russian beast was able to get on top of the Ukrainian, finding the perfect opportunity to deliver a vicious ground and pound.

Watch the Russian Hulk’s MMA debut in the video below:

Russian Hulk MMA Debut

The 17-Year-Old Russian Hulk Who Pulls Cars With His NeckJust Made His MMA DebutSource:

Gepostet von Craziest Sports Fights am Freitag, 18. Januar 2019

After winning his first MMA fight, there are speculations online that the Russian KGB Hulk might be heading into the world’s most prestigious promotion, the UFC, although he has still plenty of things to work out before turning pro.

Another potential destination for Asxab is KSW, a premier mixed martial arts promotion in Poland, who recently signed former bodybuilder and action star Martyn Ford.

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/Tamaev Axsab)

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