Rose Namajunas Hints At Possible Retirement After Losing Strawweight Title

Rose Namajunas had to stomach a devastating defeat from Jessica Andrade after the latter knocked her out with a powerful slam, snatching the strawweight title at UFC 237 in Brazil on Saturday night.

Getting slammed on the canvas to suffer a loss is one thing, but losing the title is another thing entirely.

“Thug Rose” Namajunas was aiming to defend her reign in the women’s strawweight division when she kicked off the main event battle against “Bate Estaca” Andrade.

However, the tables turned in the second round when the Brazilian fighter picked up Namajunas and slammed her on the canvas to win the fight via KO.

The former 115-lb. champion’s fighting future is now uncertain following a hint of her considering retirement.

MMA Career at Stake

Early in the first round, Namajunas dominated Andrade in front of the Brazilian’s home crowd, piecing her up with powerful combinations and jabs from all different angles.

The Milwaukee native had even busted Bate Estaca’s eye in the process and landed a powerful knee that sent Andrade to the canvas before the first bell rang.

Despite this, a plot twist took place in the offset of the next round as the 27-year-old Brazilian fighter started to land heavy punches on her 26-year-old rival, getting inside on Namajunas and closing out the reach advantage.

Amid the nailbiting exchange, the former champ appeared to have worked on threatening a kimura lock only to be picked up and slammed to the canvas by the new titleholder.

After the defeat, Thug Rose could not help but weigh the options on her MMA career.

Do Something Else

Speaking to sports journalist shortly after the match, Namajunas admitted her uncertainties.

“I’ve been hearing that [there could be a rematch],” the 26-year-old said.

“I definitely was whooping her butt, there’s no doubt about that. I just kind of like, I don’t know, we’ll see if I’m still interested in this.”

“I know I could beat her but I just, I don’t know,” she continued.

When asked for clarification on what exactly she’s unsure about, Namajunas responded: “I just want to do something else with my life right now.”

Too Much Pressure

Does she mean retirement?

“I don’t know. We’ll see,” Namajunas said.

“I’m not gonna make no decisions right now, I don’t know. It’s just hard to keep having fun with this.”

“It’s just a lot of pressure. I don’t know, I’m still processing it. I felt the pressure to get back in there when really it was, there was just a lot of — the last fight prior to this one was just a lot of emotional baggage and stuff and juggling a bunch of different things.”

“I’m still super happy that I came here, it was just an honour to challenge myself against Andrade. I know she’s a beast,” the former strawweight champ stated.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Rose Namajunas and Instagram/Jessica Andrade

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