Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne Attack Security Guards At WWE Raw

Former UFC champion turned wrestler Ronda Rousey has continued to build her path going to the Wrestlemania 35 while her ongoing beef with rivals Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair escalated to another level. 

“The Baddest Woman on the Planet” appeared on Monday’s WWE Raw, where she locked horns with Dana Brooke.

After picking up an easy win, all hell broke loose.

And it wasn’t just Rousey who spearheaded the chaotic Monday night as her husband, and former UFC fighter Travis Browne teamed up with her to assault WWE’s security personnel.

Rumours claimed that Rousey’s days on the wrestling promotion might be numbered after she received a backlash from fans amid her current feud with Lynch and Flair.

Other reports said she might be leaving WWE to start a family with Browne, but with the recent turn of events, could Rousey be staying and be joined by her husband in an intriguing tag team?

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne Attack Security Guards At WWE Raw
(Photo: Instagram/Ronda Rousey)

Things Got Physical

Following a quick work of Dana Brooke on Monday night’s WWE Raw, Rousey and her husband got physical with the promotion’s security personnel.

‘Rowdy’ refused to let go of Brooke, whom she submitted in their fight. The referees tried to separate the two wrestlers, but the former UFC champion responded with violence, pushing an official to the floor.

She, then, walked out of the ring to talk with her husband, who was at ringside, before security personnel came out and grabbed her in the arm.

An infuriated Rousey was triggered and went on to slap the guy and pounded him on the floor.

Another security man came to the rescue and tried to stop Rousey’s assault, only to be grabbed and punched by her Travis Browne from his ringside seat.

Watch the sequence in the video below:

Leaving The WWE?

The 31-year old athlete is scheduled to star in a Raw Women’s Championship match this April, where she is slated to lock horns with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Fair in a historic main event clash.

But according to a report from The Wrestling Observer last January, Rousey’s days with the WWE might be numbered as she is rumoured to leave the promotion this April after her stint at the Wrestlemania 35.


Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne Attack Security Guards At WWE Raw
(Photo: Instagram/Ronda Rousey)

Meanwhile, veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer recently told Wrestling Observer Radio that the Raw Women’s champion might not be coming back for good after the April event. (Quotes from The Sportster)

“It may be a lot longer than [SummerSlam]”.”

“She might never come back. I expect that she will just because — I tell you what… If the fans hadn’t turned on her, 100% she would [come back] now, you know, I wouldn’t be so sure.”

(Featured Image Source: Twitter/WWE and Sports 27)

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