Joe Rogan Says People Want To See Francis Ngannou Fight Andy Ruiz

Following Andy Ruiz Jr’s massive upset win over Anthony Joshua, Ultimate Fighting Championship’s colour commentator, Joe Rogan, claimed that combat sports fans now want to see the Mexican fight knockout sensation, Francis Ngannou.

Ruiz Jr. became the first Mexican world heavyweight champion after eking out a seventh-round stoppage of Joshua last weekend at the Madison Square Garden.

The victory was considered as one of the biggest shockers in boxing history to date and has catapulted Ruiz Jr to quick fame.

Now, Rogan believes that many fans want a potential crossover fight featuring boxing’s Ruiz Jr and UFC’s Ngannou.

“I know he could box,” Rogan said, referring to Ngannou, a transcript from BJ Penn.

“He could, with training.”

“He’s so big and so powerful. He, in my opinion, the most dangerous one-punch guy I’ve ever seen.”

“If you make any mistake with that guy… heavyweights just go flying across the room.”

Crossover Fight

The colour commentator admitted that while Ngannou is known for his knockout power, Ruiz Jr., with his resume, is obviously the better boxer

“Andy Ruiz is a way better boxer,” Rogan said.

“He’s a way, way, way better boxer. It’s a big difference.”

Rogan said the Ruiz Jr vs Ngannou fight would be just like the clash between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, which took place in August of 2017.

“Andy Ruiz has 100 amateur fights. People would [want to] see it, just like people wanted to see Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.”

“It’s kind of the same way, you know, Conor McGregor knocks people dead in the UFC, and Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time — of all time.”

“He’s probably the most skillful defensive artist we’ve ever seen.”

“Floyd got hit a couple of times [in that fight].”

Ngannou’s Knockout Power

Continuing, Rogan highlighted that Ngannou has knockout power that could finish any opponent.

“The thing about Francis Ngannou is, I think even with big gloves, you can’t let him hit you with that,” Rogan stressed.

“The way Floyd got hit with that uppercut by Conor, Conor just kind of placed it there.”

“He popped him, it was a good shot, but Floyd didn’t get wobbled. He didn’t get dropped.”

“If Francis hit somebody like that? I don’t give a f—k who you are.”

“If he hits you with that left hook that he hit Alistair [Overeem] with? Get the f—k out of here. No one survives that.”

“The way he knocked out Cain [Velasquez], the way he clipped him with that little short uppercut and Cain seemed like he didn’t even know he got hit? He hits stupid hard.”

“Like crazy, ridiculous, off the charts hard.”

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/Francis Ngannou and Andy Ruiz Jr.)

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