People Are Re-Watching American Pie in 2018 and They’re Seriously Offended

    People Are Re-Watching American Pie in 2018 and They're Seriously Offended
    American Pie is a sexual comedy film first released in 1999. (Photo: Amazon)

    To people who look back at some of their greatest memories in the 90’s, American Pie was a big deal.

    This is because it was the first movie to cater such kind of humour and made it big in the cinemas. It’s a gross-out comedy featuring quite miserable teenagers discovering themselves in their formative years.

    Given the various ‘fail’ moments in the film, it was almost a lesson of how not to do things or redeem yourself before it’s too late. These are the types you can never watch with your parents around but you can joke about with your squad.

    Despite being a talk-about in the past, there was a problem for many. The characters’ influence has had an adverse effect on some impressionable viewers.

    The film made names out of young actors Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, and Tara Reid added to the profiles of Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Alyson Hannigan, and Natasha Lyonne, and introduced Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge to a new generation.

    People Are Re-Watching American Pie in 2018 and They're Seriously Offended
    People are present are calling it sexist. (Photo: Maxim)

    Its genre was fun while it lasted, and despite not being one of the most timeless pieces of classic films, it was a nostalgic movie for a generation of viewers.

    However, watching it again today, some viewers are not greatly pleased. It was almost two decades since the release of American Pie, and some find it offensive and uncomfortable to watch for the views of the present.

    Some of the few things that gathered negative attention then and now are scenes like a guy doing terrible things to an apple pie and a woman getting changed by secretly being filmed and broadcasted.

    Here are some of the Twitter criticisms from the people of the present:

    “American Pie” is extremely dated and is quite sexist but there are some hilarious moments.”

    “American Pie is one of the worst movies of all time. This may be an unpopular opinion but I’ve always hated it and always will/ It’s sexist, homophobic and disgusting and I hate that it got so many sequels.”

    “Omg, American Pie – the franchise, is so ridiculously sexist! Apparently, only guys are allowed to enjoy sex.”

    Okay, so American Pie might really send a sexist and dangerous message, but how people see it today is a lot different to that past. We’ve become more critical of things like this now more than ever, safe to say hypersensitive.

    Despite this comments at present, the film spawned a ridiculously successful franchise as well as its numerous sequel. Apparently, the scenes some see problematic now didn’t bother us two decades ago.

    On the brighter side: it may be a good sign that we have developed a better cultural awareness and quicker initiative to call out misguided or damaging representation on-screen.

    People Are Re-Watching American Pie in 2018 and They're Seriously Offended
    Friends is an American TV sitcom first aired in 1994. (Photo:

    There are also opinions on the film’s depiction of women in general or certain character’s inherent homophobia. Its dated jokes and attitude have sparked some comments on social media as well as another sitcom “Friends.”

    Slate puts it this way:

    “In retrospect, the entire show’s treatment of LGBTQ issues is awful […] But Chandler’s treatment of his gay father, a Vegas drag queen played by Kathleen Turner, is especially appalling, and it’s not clear the show knows it.

    It’s one thing for Chandler to recall being embarrassed as a kid, but he is actively resentful and mocking of his loving, involved father right up until his own wedding (to which his father is initially not invited!).”



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