7 Questions That Need To Be Answered In “Westworld” Season 2 

As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I was skeptical about Westworld. The show was promising to blow my mind with each and every episode, and I was skeptical that any show other than GoT could do that. But after seeing the first episode, I was hooked. I couldn’t believe that episode after episode, my brain was challenged 100%.

And Westworld did just that for 10 weeks straight. I knew I could expect brilliant acting, a gripping story and beautiful settings. But I wasn’t prepared for what Westworld served up in the first season. It took me to the future, to the past, and back again. Season one is over, and I am sure many of us are still looking for answers to the question “What just happened?” With that being said, let’s take a look at some fan theories for Season 2.

Is Ford really dead?
7 Questions That Need To Be Answered In "Westworld" Season 2 
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This was the climactic moment of the finale. Dolores shoots Ford in the back of his head, and that looked like the end of it. But in the world of TV series like Westworld and Game of Thrones, nothing is absolute. Yes, characters can come back from the dead.

Some of the fan theories out there focus on his hands. As many fans have reported, when he is shaking hands with Bernard before taking the stage, something just doesn’t feel and look right. And if you know anything about Westworld, hands were the main giveaway to the question who is a host and who is a guest in the original movie.

Now, show creators have confirmed that Ford is dead. And Sir Anthony Hopkins signed a one-season deal. But that can always be changed. And even producer Jonathan Nolan told Variety that Ford is dead. Another fan theory is that Ford built a host of himself for the final narrative. We will know for sure when Season 2 begins. And for the Game of Thrones fans out there, just remember what happened with Jon Snow.

Was Maeve acting on her own?
7 Questions That Need To Be Answered In "Westworld" Season 2 
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In an Inception-like narrative, Maeve, played by Thandie Newton, discovered that her independence was just implanted in her by someone else. Her final programmed choice was “Escape,” but her goal was actually “Mainland Infiltration.” The choice of words got Reddit users going crazy about Westworld being on an island.

But more importantly, it questions the way Maeve acted. Was she acting on her own or not? Nolan said that he altered the camera on purpose so that it puts doubt on whether Maeve was acting on her own or not. And that means that Maeve will be one of the most fascinating and most discussed topics in Season 2.

Is Westworld actually an island?
7 Questions That Need To Be Answered In "Westworld" Season 2 
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As mentioned, there were a number of Reddit discussions whether Westworld is on an island or not. That was the main topic for the past 10 weeks, when fans were discussing where the park is actually located. Some of the theories included an abandoned post-apocalyptic town, an underwater city, or even that it’s located in space. The most likely answer is an island.

And as discussed previously, Maeve’s goal of “mainland infiltration” nearly confirmed the theory. But if we’ve learned anything from Game of Thrones and Westworld, nothing is confirmed until it is definitely confirmed. Up until then, everything is in the gray zone.

There are multiple worlds
7 Questions That Need To Be Answered In "Westworld" Season 2 
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A popular theory after Season 1 ended was that we will see many new worlds in Season 2. There is even a rumor that George R.R. Martin would love to do a Westworld and Game of Thrones crossover. Talk about blowing your mind completely! The note containing the location of Maeve’s daughter suggested that there are multiple parks. Or multiple prisons, if you’re rooting for the hosts, for example.

And there was also that subtle evidence, a room marked with “SW,” which could mean Samurai World in Season 2. But will the drama show us more worlds? And more importantly, will we see how the human world looks outside of the theme park?

Will we see a surprise return?
7 Questions That Need To Be Answered In "Westworld" Season 2 
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Shows love to play with characters and surprise returns. Dolores’ father was the most impactful character in the pilot episode, but he wasn’t present in the finale. Some suggest that the show’s creators just couldn’t get the actor to play in the finale, and realized that leaving the door open in ambiguous way is a much better ending.

But Abernathy was way too big of a character to be left out for a long time. He will probably make a surprise return in Season 2. Producer Jonathan Nolan said he was very happy with the way Louis Herthum played the character in the first episode.

Are Elsie and Logan dead?
7 Questions That Need To Be Answered In "Westworld" Season 2 
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There were a number of deaths during the last few episodes. But most of these deaths happened off screen. One thing I wanted to see was finality in the arcs for some of the supporting characters. One of the most important rules in television is that unless the death happens on screen and there is a funeral, the character is most probably still alive. Elsie, for example, disappeared and was seen being choked by Bernard. However, later on, her beacon was spotted on a map. But the arc wasn’t mentioned in the finale, leaving the door open for Elsie to return for Season 2.

Logan, on the other hand, was seen riding to the edge of the park. But we didn’t see him explode, like other hosts who tried to explode. It will be really disappointing if we don’t see finality in the Elsie arc. However, Logan is less likely to return. Show producer Nolan admitted that some plot holes were left there on purpose. This way, the public is left dangling at the end of the first season.

Is the Man in Black dead?
7 Questions That Need To Be Answered In "Westworld" Season 2 
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The identity of the Man in Black was a mystery for a long time. And after we got the answer to that question, we were left with another one. We saw him being shot in the shoulder, just at the moment the massacre began. And there are two theories out there. The first theory suggests he was injured on purpose, but not killed. If they wanted to kill him, they could have easily shot him in the head. And the second theory suggests that if he had been killed, we would certainly have found out about it.

The producers showed Ford shot in the back of the head  (even though he still could return). There is no reason to leave the Man in Black and his fate ambiguous unless they are bringing him back for Season 2.

Ford and the Man in Black had the same goal in mind: for the hosts to be more than just playthings in the park. One theory suggests that Ford purposefully allowed the Man in Black to survive, so he could witness the hosts breaking from their programming.

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