Puppy Enjoys Electric Neck Massage After a ‘Ruff’ Day

    After a long and tiring day, everyone deserves a break. By everyone I mean, puppies as well. This Chihuahua had his in a relaxing puppy neck massage, laid back with a newspaper blanket, good music on the background — and even winking at the camera!

    Caught in this hilarious footage originally posted by Facebook user Jenna Park, is a tiny pup chilling out, his head resting on an electric massage machine and a Korean newspaper covering his body.

    Chill-huahua Puppy Getting a Neck Massage

    That was one adorable and soothing video to watch! The cute dog even looks oddly human as his head follows the motion of the machine bending side to side. He obviously feels satisfied by the treat, blinking his eyes lazily to enjoy the sensation.

    Puppy Enjoys Electric Neck Massage After a 'Ruff' Day

    What’s more mind-blowing is this: a Korean pop song is playing in the background! In case you didn’t watch the video with your headphones on, you can now do so. His neck movement is actually on beat!

    Living the Good Life

    Puppy Enjoys Electric Neck Massage After a 'Ruff' Day

    Cheeky winks — this Chihuahua pup blinking his eye while chilling out can be tempting. How about a day at the spa after a long week of work?

    Ms. Park’s clip has been shared from her page for more than 237,000 times! That doesn’t make us wonder though, this cute pup deserves such massive attention.

    Not to mention his front paws lying on the newspaper as he holds it. It seems like the doggy is resting his eyes after a good read of the latest news.

    Puppy Enjoys Electric Neck Massage After a 'Ruff' Day

    The massager is from the brand Lemon Tree. Manufacturers encourage people to use it on the neck, shoulder, calves, thighs or feet that comes with a heating sensation.

    Evidently though, the company haven’t considered this — but it works best on pets. I think they can even recreate the video and have a good advertisement trick.

    Twitter fans of this cutie’s amazingly laid back attitude wrote: 

    “Chihuahua pup getting a neck massage is epic enough, but he keeps winking at us!”

    “Living the good life!”


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