Pink Responds To a Twitter Troll Calling Her ‘Old’ and It’s Savage!

    Remember: Trash Pink and you’ll get a third-degree burn. This amazing pop star is not one to sit back and let online trolls say whatever they want after she responded savagely to a Tweet early Wednesday saying she should be named ‘purple’ for looking so old.

    There are a plethora of impressive things about Pink; her undeniable talent in singing, her motherhood that goes beyond measure and for the record, her epic comebacks. But aside from these, the pop icon did another notable act; defended herself from a remark about looking old.

    Pink’s Response

    Savage! If this already made you giggle out of a victorious sympathy for the star, here is a continuation of her reply:

    Apparently, someone tried to age-shame Pink but made a shame out of herself/himself instead.

    If you have been following Pink on social media, you should know that she doesn’t put up with disrespectful nonsense. If you are to tell her a negative remark, make sure you are right and your standards fit her well.

    If not, this is what you get. The star, who is a woman of ideals, is not affected by the societal standards on conventional beauty. Reiterating the response, Pink sees ageing in a positive light. Unlike many who resort to botox and plastic surgery, she chooses to embrace her wrinkles.

    Pink Responds To a Twitter Troll Calling Her 'Old' and It's Savage!

    It is indeed a blessing to grow old and age naturally to see how far your hard work has gotten you. The little purple troll should listen to every bit of what Pink has to say.

    Support From Her Fans and Co-Stars

    Of course, fans got her back! One user even tweeted, “Can’t wait to see you when you’re 80. And if you’re still doing aerial stunts, all the better.” The always outspoken artist replied:

    Even celebrities rallied behind her back to show support and agreement. Here are what Josh Gad, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Wright has to say:

    There is a lot to learn about Pink’s response: appreciating your years, loving the beauty everyone has and standing for yourselves. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean people can just tell you how you should be named.

    And for this, Pink is the real epitome of beauty. We should all be proud of our wrinkles, stretch marks, bellies and lives.

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