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30 of the Prettiest Pink Nail Designs Perfect for Summer

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The summer days are almost here, and with that, it’s time to paint your nails in pink. Why pink? Because pink is absolutely the most feminine color. Some might say red is a more feminine color, but pink is more subtle, pale, and more versatile.

The problem with red nails, as with any other color that pops, is that you can’t match your nails with your outfit. Or better said, the challenge is tougher, and few women can pull it off. Pink, on the other hand, is more versatile, easier to match with your outfit, and something that no matter your age, looks good. Let’s take a look at few pink designs for your nails.

1. Pink French mani with black butterflies

The classic French manicure gets a little twist in both color and shape. With butterflies, glitter and the more feminine pink color, this style is definitely something every 20-something and 30-something woman would love to have.

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