This Cat Inexplicably Loves Peaches, It’s the Most Delightful Thing You’ll See Today

Peach Season for Ozzy

The owners of this cat should stock peaches as many as they can so they could provide comfort and happiness for this cat. Peach season is indeed for this tabby.

Twitter user, Lydia Coutré, the daughter of Ozzy’s owners, introduced the Twitter world to Ozzy last Wednesday with a charming post that outlined his inexplicably love with peaches. Her tweet garnered almost 70 thousand retweets and almost 200 thousand likes.

Obviously, the world has fallen in love with the 5-year old Ozzy and his peaches. Ozzy doesn’t need a soft and comfortable bed.

His pile of fuzzy and ripe peaches are enough. According to Lydia’s Twitter post below, her parents send regular updates to the family group chat of Ozzy just chilling with the peaches.

Lydia said it’s the most important notification she can get to her phone. I couldn’t agree more with her.

Peaches as Pillows

Lydia made some clarification following Ozzy’s trending photos. She claimed that Ozzy doesn’t eat the peaches around him, he just guards them and cuddles with them.

“He nuzzles them, uses them as a pillow to rest, or just stands over them guarding them,” Lydia Coutré, whose parents own Ozzy, told The Dodo. For years, the cat’s odd habits have delighted his human sisters, Lydia and Lorraine, to no end.

“[He] was introduced to them the first peach season our family had him,” Coutré said. “He found them on the table and immediately started rubbing on them the first time he was around them, so we think it’s probably the feeling of the peaches that he likes.”

According to The Dodo, Ozzy’s owner leaves the peaches to ripen on sheets of newspaper — giving Ozzy the perfect opportunity to nest. If Ozzy’s family wants to keep their products free of cat hair, they have to resort to desperate measures.

“My mom once put the peaches in the basement to keep them away from Ozzy,” Coutré explained. “But he still found them, and left a cat-sized hole in the middle of what were previously neat rows of peaches.”

Netizens from Twitter Wants ‘Moar’

No wonder why the netizens from Twitter wants an ‘Ozzy and his peaches’ content more.

And this amazing user made a fanart of Ozzy because he finds him adorable!

For the more adorable content of Ozzy together with his peaches, follow his Instagram account. You might wanna find out more about his cosy life.

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