World’s Oldest Living Cat Blows His 30th Birthday Candle

    A British cat just celebrated his 30th birthday — making him the world’s oldest living cat as of today. 

    World's Oldest Living Cat Blows His 30th Birthday Candle

    Meet Rubble, an ageing Maine Coon who just celebrated his 30th year of life with owner Michelle Foster who got him for her birthday in May 1988.

    The furry feline celebrated his third decade with a birthday bash at his local vet. They treated him with his favourite cat food and a free checkup.

    That might sound like a human spending his birthday at the hospital, but, who knows how Rubble is taking it.

    World's Oldest Living Cat Blows His 30th Birthday Candle

    Rubble’s amazing longevity can be connected to being Michele’s only child — which means she never had her own. She treated the cute cat as hers and pampered him like a kid.

    Although we all know that cats are pretty independent, Michele has probably made him a royalty in her life.

    Despite this milestone though, the owner, 50, said that she never wanted Rubble to experience the stress of going down the Guinness Book of Records route. After all, living peacefully in his old age is what she thinks he deserves — no spotlight and unnecessary attention. 

    World's Oldest Living Cat Blows His 30th Birthday Candle

    “He’s a lovely cat, although he has got a little grumpy in his old age,” Michele shared. 

    “Rubble suffers from high blood pressure so he needs regular medication and City Vets have been a huge help in keeping him healthy.”

    Nutmeg — the previous oldest living cat in Britain — died last December.

    Currently, Rubble reached the age of Scooter, a Siamese Texas, who broke the Guinness Book World Record at 30 but later died. I hope this is not a trend among them. If only cats can live forever. 

    The oldest cat in history, however, is Creme Puff. She was born on 3 August 1967 and lived until 6 August 2005 — an astonishing 38 years and 3 days. 

    Why Michele Doesn’t Want Rubble to be on the Guinness Book World of Records

    World's Oldest Living Cat Blows His 30th Birthday Candle

    “He has plenty of life left in him yet, but I don’t think we will go down the Guinness World Record route as I am not sure he would like lots of people coming to see him or a fuss being made out of him,” she explained. 

    She’s trying to keep him out of the spotlight so he can make the most out of his remaining years.

    “He is old now and would not like too much attention or be hassled. We would prefer if he was just left to live out his old age in peace.”

    Michele, who is from Exeter, Devon, recalls the exact moment when Rubble first came into her life. She claims to be a hundred percent sure because she got him before her 20th. 

    “I got him just before my 20th birthday when he was a kitten,” she said.

    “He was part of a litter cat that my sister’s friend had and I had just left home.”

    “I was lonely living on my own so got him in as a kitten.”

    World's Oldest Living Cat Blows His 30th Birthday Candle

    She added: “He is very loyal. We used to live in London and moved around a lot. He came in the removal van to Devon with us when we moved 15 years ago.”

    “If you care about something and someone and really love them, that goes a long way.”

    “I have always treated him like a child – I don’t have any children and had another cat called Meg – who passed at the age of 25.”

    “If you care about something, no matter what it is, it does last.”


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