NSAC Holds Khabib’s Paycheck After Post-Fight Brawl, Grants McGregor’s

The most anticipated bout between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov has come to fruition. On Saturday, October 6, the biggest fight in the UFC history has set the seal on Khabib’s name as he remains undefeated.

The undefeated Nurmagomedov (27-0) destroyed McGregor via submission in round 4. That being said, the name of the undefeated Russian fighter is expected to be cemented in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings.

“The Biggest Night” no more as it turned out to be the worst night for MMA fans. Most of the supporters are cut-up about the ending and they can’t still get over it.

NSAC Holds Khabib's Paycheck After Post-Fight Brawl, Grants McGregor's

UFC 229 Brawl

The MMA world at large knows the beef circulating around the internet between “The Notorious” and “The Eagle”. Remember Conor’s bus incident at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn back in April?

The undefeated Dagestan pride went out of control and jumped over the Octagon and attacked Dillon Danis. Even so, the chaotic UFC 229 didn’t stop there.

If you have been following the news, you know for sure about how Khabib jumped out and attacked Conor’s teammate after the fight, as well as how a Team Khabib guy went inside the Octagon and sucker-punched the Irish fighter while observing the whole thing. Yet, another camera angle showed McGregor punched Nurmagomedov’s team first.

UFC President Dana White later confirmed that three members of Khabib’s team have been arrested and taken to jail. To boot, before this unforeseen ending happened at the UFC 229 main event, a fight broke out in the crowd after the UFC 229 weigh-ins caused by the Russian and Irish fans.

A Decision to Make by the Nevada State Athletic Commission

The Dublin pride made $3 million whilst the undefeated Lightweight champion made a disclosed $2 million flat rate. However, there’s news circulating on the Internet that McGregor was paid.

Whilst NSAC freeze and withholding the undefeated paycheck because of the incident. According to MMA Junkie, there is no word on how long the NSAC might withhold Nurmagomedov’s pay while it starts an investigation into the post-fight melee.

What do you think ?

3 thoughts on “NSAC Holds Khabib’s Paycheck After Post-Fight Brawl, Grants McGregor’s

  1. I believe they behaved as badly as each other and very unsportsmanlike behaviour, however Tennis players and others do it regularly. I believe they should be fined but one shouldn’t be paid without the other one who clearly won.

  2. Haha they mad McGregor got beat, I’m sure kabib is rich anyways so waiting for his check is probably the least of his worries. 27-0 haha McGregor looked like an amateur.

  3. First of all I NEVER try to hide my comments: I am NOT a runner. To start with Mc Gregor proved to be NOT a good sport man, and on this; I am very glad that he lost very soundly: the attack on the bus was a criminal act, and he should have being charged. People like him, like Tyson; they should be banned to ply sport, the word “Sport” is based on nobility, fairness and NO bias. Once again the Sport has been damaged by people who SHOULD NOT be there and corruption in most Sporting activities mostly by selfishness; but more for betting. I remember when Australia had an old saying: if something was not fear; thy use to say; “is not Cricket”: then they discovered that they use to bet even on a single ball. The word “sport” has been; and will be abused: it is sad; but that is the way it is.

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