Norwegian Kamikaze Diving Is A Thing And It’s Thoroughly Entertaining

Some people think it’s impressive to jump into the water and pose in the air for fun and make a dubious splash… Well, it’s great they do! 

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve surely had those disappointing moments of waiting ages for a game that turned out to be a monotonous play or boring draw. Obviously, that means you’re missing the comic tournament of divers in Norway all these years.

In Oslo, natives battle out a hilarious annual competition called “death diving.” Olympic diving might possess all the skills and discipline of a great sport, but this one has all the fun.

Norwegian Kamikaze Diving Is A Thing And It's Thoroughly Entertaining
Source: Youtube/Fatstone TV

10-Metre Dive

Competitors in the game of death diving hurl themselves from a 10-metre high diving board, before striking all sorts of poses mid-air. They do so before smashing themselves into the water – often belly or head first.

And in case you were wondering, all of them are still alive — and are in good shape. While the sport gives its audience a great deal of entertainment, it’s no laughing matter for those involved.

For Norwegians, the competition is called “Dødsing,” a battle of serious pursuit among well-trained competitors. Though it can be more painful than how Olympic divers meet the water, death divers still fold at the very last second to avoid dangerous flat landing.

Norwegian Kamikaze Diving Is A Thing And It's Thoroughly Entertaining
Source: Youtube/Fatstone TV

Sausage Roll Jump

According to “Visit Norway,” death diving started at the Frognerbadet public swimming facility in Majorstua, Oslo on a 10m-high diving board dating back to the 1950s. The sport apparently took 30 years to take off before fading away, only to bounce back to fame in the 21st century.

Now, death diving is predictably growing its presence on the Internet for attracting millions of views on its championship videos. The 10th and most recent world championship footage featured an amazing win from Emil Lybekk courtesy of a sort of sideways sausage roll jump.

Watch one of the greatest internet discovery you’ll have in your life:

Lybekk’s elegant feet flicks and a loud, scrunched up landing gathered almost a million views on Youtube including the other hilariously superb dives.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Fatstone TV

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