Viral Hench Neck Dude Confirms He’ll Be Making MMA Debut Soon

Being an internet star can get you a load of benefits. Aside from having a solid number of followers on social media, online celebrities also get a lot of opportunities amid their stardom. Charles Dion McDowell, or popularly known as the ‘Neck Guy,’ is currently enjoying the perks of being an online sensation. One of his biggest breaks could be a potential deal with an MMA promotion in his home state, Florida. 

A report from Pensacola News Journal revealed on Friday that the 31-year old is currently in talks for a potential career in mixed martial arts with boxing and MMA for Island Fights. This was confirmed by no less than the ‘Neck Guy’ himself via a Facebook post on Saturday, announcing that we will be seeing him in the cage soon.


McDowell rose to fame two weeks ago as he was put into the internet spotlight after his mugshot was uploaded on Facebook. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office posted his mugshot after he was arrested in Florida for evading the police and drug possession. He then instantly became a viral sensation as everyone took notice of his ridiculously massive neck. 

The photo has since gone viral, garnering over 150 000 likes and more than 265 000 shares (as of writing). It then sparked thousands of neck jokes across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some memes and puns include Lochness Monster, Necktie, Shrek, Star Trek, and Nickelback.

The 31-year old inmate was then released from police custody after posting a bail amounting to $57000. Upon learning about his internet fame, McDowell posted videos online, thanking his legion of fans for their support, with a special shoutout to women for “giving him a chance.”

The Necks MMA Star?

Last Wednesday, McDowell was collared by the police for the second time as he tried to run from officers during a traffic stop in Montgomery, Alabama, which forced the authorities to spike his tires. Lee County Sheriff’s deputies charged him with reckless driving, improper lane usage, attempting to elude law enforcement, driving with a revoked license and second-degree marijuana possession.

After a pair of misfortunes, which apparently led to his internet fame, the ‘Neck Guy’ has found himself staring at a big opportunity as the Florida-based combat sports promotion, Island Fights, has offered him a potential fight for early next year. CEO Dean Toole is allowing him to train at the Island Fights’s facilities in Pensacola to develop his skills in MMA.

“He hasn’t made some of the best choices in life in his past so maybe something like this will be a good step in the right direction toward something positive. Even if he doesn’t compete maybe this will all work out for the better for him and he won’t make those same choices again.”

McDowell confirmed this news on Saturday, posting a photo of himself with an Island Fights belt on Facebook along with the caption: “For all you people that didn’t know, I’ve been training MMA and will be making my Debut real soon!”

For all you people that didn’t know, I’ve been training MMA and will be making my Debut real soon!

Gepostet von Charles McDowell am Freitag, 23. November 2018

Are you excited for the ‘Neck Guy’ on his future MMA debut? Bet his opponent will have a hard time landing a rear naked choke.

(Featured Image Source: Facebook/Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and Charles McDowell)

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