WATCH: Basketball Player Laid Out By Flying Knee To The Head

Basketball is a contact sport. With the games being played physical most of the time, players have high chances of getting hurt. And the NBA is no exemption. 

Flashback to 2015, the Golden State Warriors met the Houston Rockets in an intriguing Western Conference Finals.

What expected as a long series turned out to be one-sided as the Warriors coasted to three straight easy wins.

The Rockets bounced back in Game 4 to get an extension.

They returned to the Warriors’ ground for Game 5, where the home team was looking for the nail in the coffin.

They did end the series and earned a ticket to the NBA finals, but they have to do it in a hard way.

Klay Thompson, the GSW’s prolific shooting guard, needed to leave the game in the payoff period. He was hit by a brutal flying knee to the head by Houston’s Trevor Ariza.

WATCH: Basketball Player Laid Out By Flying Knee To The Head
(Photo: Instagram/Klay Thompson)

Ariza Lands Flying Knee On Thompson

The Warriors were feeling it as they were very close to booking a date with destiny.

They were up 3-1 in the series against the Rockets, who was on a do-or-die situation.

With their backs against the walls, Houston players needed to play doubly hard to at least extend the series.

James Harden and Dwight Howard have been doing everything with all their power to help their team live another day. Ariza, on the other hand, was tremendous on defense.

But in the fourth quarter, he accidentally landed a flying knee on Thompson’s head while defending the shooting guard.

It was a picture-perfect flying knee that would keep even UFC president Dana White on the edge of his seat.

Luckily for Klay, the other half of the GSW’s famed Splash Brothers, he only suffered a laceration to his right ear. He, then, passed a concussion test and went on to return to the game, which they eventually won.

Watch the UFC-style flying knee to the head that hit Klay Thompson in the video below:

Thompson Suffered Concussion Symptoms

According to his father, former NBA player Mychal Thompson, his son suffered concussion-like symptoms after absorbing a nasty flying knee.

“He was pretty woozy last night,” he told ESPN.

“I had to drive him home; he wasn’t able to drive himself home. When he got home he threw up a couple of times and after he threw up…he started to feel a lot better.

“When I left his house he was resting comfortably. After a couple of days off he seems to think he’ll be fine.”

Ariza, meanwhile, said the knee was clearly unintentional.

“He’s a good shooter, so you don’t want to give up any open threes.” 

“I was just trying to run to contest it, and just so happened he kind of leaned forward, and my knee hit him in the face.”

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/Mike Sham)

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