WATCH: Nate Diaz Shocks Fans At UFC 241 Open Workout

Returning mixed martial artist, Nate Diaz, stole the show at the UFC 241 open workout as he smoked cannabidiol in front of fans and media at the Honda Center.

The UFC 241 open workout happened on Wednesday ahead of the pay-per-view event this weekend that will be headlined by a heavyweight rematch featuring Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic.

The slugger from Stockton, California pulled off an early surprise and brought more excitement for his much-anticipated return as he lit up a joint before doing his workout.

“I said pass it around. It’s good etiquette, for sure,” said Diaz, who shared the cannabidiol to his videographer and some fans. (Quote from ESPN)

The UFC fan-favourite is set to return to action this Saturday, ending almost three years of hiatus, and will face former lightweight import, Anthony Pettis, in the event’s co-headliner.

Watch Nate Diaz bringing the light at the UFC 241 open workout in the video below:

Done At Lightweight

With Diaz coming off a two-year hiatus, it is interesting to see if he can brush off the rust for his return and can still bring the same level of intensity and violence for which he is known.

The former Strikeforce standout is now in phenomenal shape, as seen in his recent social media posts, in a bid to make a massive impact in his highly-awaited MMA comeback.

Diaz will face Pettis at 170-pounds as he is leaving the lightweight class for good.

The Stockton slugger debuted in the welterweight division with a win against Marcus Davis nine years ago.

It was followed by back-to-back losses at the hands of Dong Hyun Kim and Rory MacDonald respectively.

His most recent win at 170 was against McGregor in their first encounter last March 2016, which was recognized as the Submission of the Year.

Downgrading Nate

Ahead of his UFC 241 welterweight bout, Diaz recalled his rivalry with McGregor, amid talks of a potential trilogy bout, and said the UFC spoiled him with easy opponents like Eddie Alvarez.

He also felt that the promotion wanted him to disappear to pave the way for the Mayweather-McGregor money fight.

“I’m like, okay I see what’s happening here, downgrading me. Degrading my whole.”

“No-one’s seeing that and they’re making it look like I’m complaining.”

“I never called. I never called you guys. You guys called me. ‘Hey, what’s up? We know we’re f***ing rude f***s and we weeded you away and we made you disappear with the Mayweather-McGregor.”

“And Eddie Alvarez, that was a good matchup, that was an easy win for him. He just was put in all the right places.”

“I’m not even f***ing hating on that, that’s cool as hell. It’s cool he’s doing what he did and whatever. But you’re a spoiled little b***h though because they handed you all that.You didn’t do s***.”

Will Nate Diaz prevail over Anthony Pettis at UFC 241?

What are your predictions on Diaz’s MMA return?

(Featured Image Source: Twitter/Marc Raimondi)

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