This Has To Be The Greatest Glitch In UFC Video Game History

Whether you are a big fan of mixed martial arts or not, you will surely enjoy every single video that features EA’s UFC glitches. It doesn’t matter if you have never tried this video game. Hearing the fake Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg call the shots and seeing the fighters do the impossible will guarantee you a good laugh. 

And just last month, a new EA’s UFC glitch surfaced on the web and it is probably the most ridiculous one ever. Fans are calling it the ‘number one move to have been banned in the sport.’ Its identity remains unknown but it is very much close to divine punishment.

Dynamic Recreation

In 2014, the EA Sports launched the first video game inspired by the Ultimate Fighting Championship since Electronic Arts bought the license from THQ. EA Canada and Skybox Labs served as its main developer while EA sports took charge of the publishing. EA’s UFC can be played in Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As MMA’s popularity continues to grow, two sequels were developed, with Conor McGregor serving as its official cover. EA’s UFC 2 was released in 2016 before UFC 3 followed up in early 2018. The third instalment ranked 12 in the UK sales chart, placed 11th in New Zealand, 22nd in Austraila, and 32nd in Japan.

“EA Sports UFC 3 is a tense, exciting, and dynamic recreation of the stand and bang aspect of mixed martial arts. The grappling still needs plenty of work, and one would hope this is something EA Canada addresses in the next iteration, yet these shortcomings become easier to overlook because of the accomplishment of its redefined striking. When it comes to the art of combat, few sports titles do it better,” claimed Gamespot.


But since video games are complex works, glitches cannot be sometimes avoided and EA’s UFC is not an exemption. You can find plenty of photos and videos of UFC glitches in the web but the most recent one is just too ridiculous. Check it below:

Number 1 banned move in MMA [UFC Game] from gaming

As the referee turned his back, the fighters floated in the air like a ghost and took each other in a different dimension. Many fans have proposed a name for this illegal move such as ‘Karate Chop Rapture,’ ‘Brazilian Helicopter Soul Choke,’ and the ‘4oft knee slide.’

 “And it looks like they are floating up off the octagon! Look at that, they’re flying away! I’ve been around martial arts all my life and I have NEVER seen anything like this, folks. Look at them go! This is insane,” one fan wrote as if Joe Rogan was commentating.

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