Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

In the past several years, small dog breeds have become extremely popular. Part of that is just practical reasons, as small dogs are easier to keep in an apartment. Part of that is the popularity of the Pomeranian thanks to Boo, who was voted the cutest dog in the world. But leave the Pomeranians to socialites. Some people just want little more in a dog, or better said, one of the most popular large dog breeds.

Whether you get a large dog breed as an exercise companion, a playmate for children, a watchful guard, or you just want a big and lovable fur-ball, it is up to you. What we can do to help you is show you the 10 most popular large dog breeds, and let you choose one among them.

Bernese mountain dog

Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

There was a time when the St. Bernard dog was widely popular. That was the time of the movie Beethoven, a comedy in which a family adopts a St. Bernard. But those days are gone. Now, the Bernese mountain dog is much more popular. These two breeds are very similar, both are big and fluffy and even have a similar look. The Bernese has been recognized as one of most affectionate dogs, and his affectionate personality and keen intelligence are what makes it a great family dog. The dog fares well in cold weather and is a true outdoor dog. Do not think of owning one without a good yard.


Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

When we talk about the Collie, we talk mostly about the Rough Collie, which is the breed we all saw in Lassie. This dog gained popularity mostly because of the movie. The border collie is just as popular. Despite being the most intelligent dog in the world, the Border Collie is not as wanted as the rough collie. With that in mind, the rough collie has ties to classic literature and film but is also praised for his mind and friendliness. The loyal friend will almost never show signs of aggression. That is unless his owner is in need of protection.


Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

People often think of mastiff dogs as some aggressive dogs. And their look does look scary. But even more so, they look powerful. This is one word that sums up their big appearance. The dog is huge, but you can also say it is cutest and largest baby you’ve seen. Mastiff dogs love to cuddle with their owner. They are surprisingly gentle, affectionate, and very loyal. Do not let yourself be feared by its size, the Mastiff is one of the best family dogs. You will have a hard time finding a better friend to your children.

Great Dane

Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

The Great Dane is the largest dog breed known to man. Monumental in size, but also in personality, the Great Dane is thought as the world’s tallest dog. One example is Gibson the Great Dane, who is the current holder of the Guinness World record for the tallest dog. Similar to the mastiff, the Great Dane is a gentle giant, who is calm and friendly with people. Despite their intimidating size, the Dane can be a lovely family dog. One thing to note, the Great Dane requires a lot of love and attention. But more importantly, a lot of space to exercise their long limbs. Unlike the Mastiff and some other most popular large dog breeds that get tired easily due to their size, the Dane can go for long walks and plays.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

Nowadays, a lot of pointers are raised for show. They are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world. But they can also make great family pets. Their best trait is they are very patient with children, making them ideal for small kids and toddlers. They show almost no aggression and can do well with other animals.

The pointer is a true hunting and gun dog, so make sure you are ready to face that trait in your dog. They are intelligent and strong dogs that require a lot of exercise and attention. If properly raised and trained, the German Shorthaired Pointer will make the best pet for an owner with an active lifestyle and love for the outdoors.


Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

The Rottweiler gets a bad reputation as an aggressive dog. And that is plain wrong. Despite the negative attention this dog receives in television and film, the Rottweiler is still a very popular large dog breed. Do you want to know why is that? Because the Rottweiler is highly intelligent and good-natured. A working breed dog, the Rottweiler is very loyal and attentive to its family. His natural obedience instinct makes him adaptable to several roles, being it a guard dog, service dog, or working as an assisting dog. There is no denying the Rottweiler will make a great addition to your family, it is just up to you to train him.

Standard Poodle

Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

The Poodle is definitely one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, period. Poodles come in three different sizes, standard, toy, and mini. The toy poodle is great for those living in an apartment and looking for a small dog breed. The Standard, on the other hand, is designed for those that want little more out of their dog. One of the most intelligent breeds, second only to the Border Collie, the Poodle learns everything in a breeze. Additional bonus, the Poodle has a natural instinct to be a crowd-pleaser, so be ready for attention to your dog.

Golden Retriever

Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

When it comes to iconic dogs from movies and television, the Golden Retriever has to be on the list. This friendly dog is one of the most popular family dogs. Friendly to both owners and strangers, this breed is renowned for its compatibility with children. While he is primarily an indoor pet, the Retriever requires regular exercise on a daily basis.

German Shepherd

Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

The German Shepherd is one of the most well-rounded pets out there. Highly versatile, the German Shepherd can be a loving family member, but also a trusted guardian and a police dog. There is no police in the world that doesn’t own a German Shepherd. And the reason is simple, the breed is one of the most intelligent, but also loyal and protective breeds out there. They are eager to serve from the moment you get them.

Labrador Retriever

Top 10 Most Popular Large Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own

There is nothing that can be said about the Labrador Retriever that hasn’t been said. The Lab has been number one in the American Kennel Club’s registration lists for 18 consecutive years. They make great family dogs, but in the last years, the Labrador has also gained popularity as a therapy dog. Think of a dog you want by your side when you are depressed, and the Lab is probably No.1 on that list. Friendly towards people and other animals, the lovable personality of the Labrador is the reason he is the most popular dog breed in the world, regardless of size.

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