Riot Breaks Out At MMA Event In Russia After Crucial Mistake By Herb Dean

Fans pay to watch mixed martial arts inside the cage… Though some fighters are too extreme that they continue the war after the bell and outside the cage…

At the ACB 90 MMA event in Moscow, a pack of riot police came in to put down a mass brawl that went off after the referee disqualified a fighter for punching his opponent after the bell. This came after Herb Dean had stopped the fight because he believed the losing fighter had tapped out. Upon further examination of the footage, there was not any tapping.


Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) hyped this match between former Bellator fighter Georgi Karakhanyan and 25-year-old newbie Tumir Nagibin. During the build-up, Karakhanyan never failed to headline his dominance via social media, dishing out various insults to his opponent.

Apparently, the 33-year-old fighter went beyond the limits and verbally threatened Nagibin of sexual abuse, saying he’ll “put a bottle up his anus.”

If you know how Khabib Nurmagomedov reacted to Conor McGregor’s taunting team, you’ll know that this is not very much accepted in Russia. In fact, the verbal attacks drew significant attention and raised temperatures during the weigh-in, Karakhanyan continuing to goad Nagibin.

On Saturday night, the fight in the Ice Palace became the biggest scandal of the year in Russian MMA after ending in a post-fight fracas. Just before the first round ended, Karakhanyan attempted to submit his opponent with a choke hold.

Though Nagibin isn’t anywhere near quitting, the American fighter of Armenian descent exclaimed “he is tapping” to referee Herb Dean. Audible on a Youtube video from ACB TV, Dean was asking “(Did) he tap?” while touching Nagibin’s back.


Unnecessarily, Karakhanyan released the choke and considered it a stoppage loss just a second before the bell, shocking Nagibin who’s still in the game of evading the lock. The referee could be heard saying “he didn’t tap.”

The neophyte fighter turned back to his opponent from the referee to land a raging punch on his face, getting a score of disqualification. Karakhanyan was then announced as the winner.

However, it wasn’t the end of the drama yet. The arena needed a hand from the riot police as Karakhanyan’s fans tried to start a brawl with Nagibin and his team while they were walking him out.

Good thing, it took only minutes for the cops to break up the riot — although a number of fights erupted among the other fans in the stands as well.

While it was a disappointing act from the fans and the fighters, no serious injuries and arrests were recorded.

Talking to RT Sport after the bout, the referee made it clear that he had no intention to stop the fight and was “only checking if Nagibin was conscious.” As for the matchup, the Russian promotion is reportedly eyeing for a rematch.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/ACB

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